1 April 2018

Hello Everyone!

Have you stayed at our little hotel? If you haven’t, I should tell you that we are right at the beach in Fisherman’s Village with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands, just a gentle saunter away from excellent restaurants, bars, boutiques and spas and enjoy the ever popular Friday Market with its myriad of stalls as well as live music across in the Freedom Bar.  We have eighteen rooms all at the beach with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands.  We have bungalows with queen size beds; rooms which are a bit larger with king size beds or twin beds, some of which have connecting doors which is great for a family; a superior/honeymoon room with a king size bed, twin showers, twin basins and a picture window out to the islands; family rooms with two bedrooms, one with a king size bed and one with a king size or twin beds and a family/honeymoon apartment with a large sitting room which can have two single beds, a large bedroom with king size bed and a large bathroom with twin showers and twin basins. Consequently, there should be something for everyone. Also, from 1 May to 30 June and again from 1 Sept to 21 Dec, we offer a 10% discount, so that’s worth considering.  Also, don’t forget that we do not give all our availability to agents so, if you cannot find what you are searching for on an agent’s website or, in fact, our own, please send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com as we may be able to help you. Also, if you were thinking of booking, please send him your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability, or complete the form on the Book Now page of our website. Many agents appear to offer good deals, but when you work them out to the very end, their final price should be the same as ours as this was agreed between us at the outset.

At last my desk looks out onto the beach which makes my working conditions perfect. At the moment, I can see the guests relaxing there or in the gardens, a yacht bobbing up and down on the sea behind them and Koh Phangan in the distance, all framed with an azure sky and aquamarine sea. How lucky am I? I just asked the guys on our staff to lop the trees outside the honeymoon room as we installed a picture window there when we built it and the view had diminished somewhat.  We now have a superb view from it again.  In fact, my view of the sea from my office window has increased too. This view is to die for. You would love it. And it’s all yours whilst you’re here.

What a lot has happened at our little hotel this month!  We’ve had Tim & Karen, Sheila & Frank and Donald & Alison back again, so lovely to see them all.  John & Christine are here again as well and, when they told their friends they were coming, they all said that they wanted to come, so we have Anne & David, Val & Geoff, Allan & Margaret and Andrew & Christine here too. Most unfortunately, Anne slipped on her way out of Red Moon on Friday evening and broke her hip.  She had an operation a few days ago at Bangkok Samui Hospital and is doing really well. Sharon & Mark were back again and brought Ian & Justine.  They all had a great time and we could hear peals of laughter every day which was lovely.  Alan & Sue have already booked for next year and Sue was a member of the Margaret Manoeuvre team I spoke about last time which involved a glass of wine at Blue Vanilla in the village on the odd afternoon, started by Margaret and Sara actually. Sara was the guest I stayed up with until 4.30am one morning when Gary, her husband, had already surrendered and left for their room at 2.45am. Gordon & Rita left after their holiday and were actually sad to go in the end, even though Rita had suffered hugely with her leg and had also been hospitalised. Honestly, please don’t think you’re going to incorporate a hospital stay when you stay with us! She was as right as rain when she left though and we hope that she will stay that way. Chris & Sue were here at Peter & Dot’s recommendation although I didn’t see much of them. It seemed that we kept missing each other.  I had received some bad news which rather kept me in the background, but if you haven’t seen us and would like a chat, and we’re always up for one of those, please pop into the office as we’re there a lot of the time. Karen & John’s daughter works on the island, so they have come to visit her.  James & Heather are here from Aberdeen and Thomas & Amy, John & Linda and Chris & Tracey are here from the UK.  Shona & Karen, who took hours and hours to get the airport in England in the snow on their way here, had a super stay with Izzie & Willie and they say that they’re all coming back from their beloved Forfar in Scotland.  We had a huge wedding party too, all organised by Colleen and her relatives in Australia, and it was a delight to have them all here. Nissim & Yeela were here from Israel with their children, all on the way to living in Australia; Hellen & Michiel were here again from Holland – the laughing Dutch we call them – and they have recommended some of their friends to stay in May; Merrie is here from the USA, Sara & Alberto from Spain, Richard & Marina who also live in Spain and Irina & Tatyana from Kasakhstan, so we welcome guests here from all over the world.

I entered and finished the 5k Samui Midnight Run on Saturday 24 March – and thank you all for your lovely comments on Facebook! So now I’ve been there and really got the tee shirt on which I proudly displayed my number 5440! And a finisher’s medal, whoopee! Maybe I’ll get placed one day. I’ve also started taking crawl swimming lessons which I love as I hope to do some open water swimming at some stage soon.  Getting out one of our bicycles out today to practise cycling so that I can become adept in all three disciplines. Have been cycling in the gym so far, as well as running on the treadmill and lifting weights.  Older women will soon be taking the world by storm.  Just you wait and see. I can hear Dot, one of our lovely guests, saying, “but I thought we had dear . . . .” followed by that mischievous laugh which I love so much. Wonderful Christine has been showing me some photos of her, aka Girl on a Motorcycle, with her husband, Andrew.  They’re going to France and Spain sur une moto in June and I’m really quite envious! Apart from the fact that she has to pack everything she needs for three weeks into a pannier about a foot square, I think it must be hugely exciting. P’raps that’s another thing to add to my list.

Have just had lunch in The Hut opposite with my friend, Penny, who has been living on the island for about 22 years.  She and her husband, Patrick, used to have The Rising Sun in Lamai some years ago and, if you have been visiting the island for a long time, you may remember it.  She’s a great friend and we spend the whole time laughing. Such a tonic!

Can’t believe it’s 1 April tomorrow.  And then Songkran on 13 April.  We have Mark working for us again.  He would always make sure that all the staff got drenched on that day.  I must hide again.  I’ve managed to keep dryish so far.  Probably famous last words.

Until the next time, please take good care of yourselves and think very seriously about coming to stay.  We’d love to see you.

Best wishes