1 April 2017

1 APRIL 2017

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had fantastic weather recently, well except for a couple of days, and everyone is looking tanned and healthy. Lots of guests have already booked for next year and we’re so happy that they’ve enjoyed themselves. We very much look forward to seeing them again. Our little hotel sparkles when the sun shines and, with the stunning backdrop of the sea and outlying islands, it’s like a film set. “Is everything okay?”, I often ask the guests. “How could it not be?” comes the reply, time and time again.

For those of you who haven’t been to see us, we have eighteen rooms of different categories and, if you are thinking of staying, I am sure you will find one or two at least to match your requirements. Our room descriptions are under the ‘Rooms’ or ‘Book Now’ heading on our website. Christmas, New Year and February are filling up fast so, if you wish to book then, don’t leave it too long. We’re also offering a 10% discount if you wish to stay between 1 May and 30 June and between 1 September and 21 December, so lots of time there to take advantage of these lower prices.

Our little hotel is looking good. When the rains finished, we rethatched the roof of the bar, the little sala beside it and the massage sala, had more cushions made for all the sunbeds and bar stools, repainted where needed both inside and out and manicured the gardens which are looking lush and mature. Our bar and kitchen were well stocked, our staff raring to go and we’ve now enjoyed a full hotel for many weeks. We love to welcome guests of all ages and nationalities and it’s especially lovely when they strongly share an opinion or suddenly share a joke. Just recently we’ve had Dutch and Swedish laughing at the bar and it is such a delight to hear them! So many friendships are forged here at The Waterfront.

We’ve just said goodbye to return guests Sheila & Frank from the UK who are coming back next year, as well as four more return guests, Geordie & Sue and Jack & Annie who’ve aleady booked another month next year, (they’ve even been digging the beach in order to return it to its former glory after the flooding as well as celebrating a birthday and wedding anniversary – hope your Mum’s feeling better, Annie!), return guests after ten years, Sheila & William from the USA who say that they’re definitely coming back, as did return guests Jackie & Darren who’ve now winged their way back to Qatar, return guests Donald & Alison from Edinburgh are planning to come back again in September and return guests Rene & Alan who were also here with six friends from Australia are definitely want to come back again. We have Michelle & Terry with their two children from Singapore and Ben and Katja, their two children from Germany and their parents, Bev & Bruce, from Australia and they’re all loving it too. Gary & Jan, Katie & Grace and Noreen & Roy from the UK loved it as did Dorothy & Martina from Ireland, Hana from Israel who came back a second time in one trip she loved it so much, Alexander from Austria, Genki from Japan, David, an avid cyclist from the USA, Richard from the UK en route to two weeks of detox and Amanda who came with her relative, Emma, to see her daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter, the little family I mentioned last time who live in our Waterfront Apartments.

One of our lovely return guests, Michael – married to the lovely Margaret – had a bad leg for many years which was the result of a motorbike accident. He was due to have a big operation later in the year and was obviously very apprehensive about it. He also wasn’t feeling at all well when he came this year and actually nearly didn’t, but wanted to first and foremost because Margaret had been looking after him so well and he wanted her to have a good rest. They left on 1 March. It is with huge sadness, therefore, that I have to tell you that poor Michael had a huge heart attack at around 6pm on Thursday, 16 March, and died. We are all in shock and, again, send our love and condolences to Margaret who says that she is doing her best to be strong as Michael would have wished.

We’ve had lots of repeat bookings for next year. Why don’t you come and see what brings these guests back again and again? Read our hotel description on the Book Now page of our website and see if that whets your appetite. And view our photos and drone video on the Home Page. And saunter through our Room descriptions and photos too. Rest assured that you will not be a number here. This is not a huge, impersonal hotel. It is a small, intimate hotel where guests actually speak to one another other and to the staff. We are all here to make your holiday a happy one and are genuinely sad to see you go. I wish none of you would go home, in fact lots of our older guests have asked if we could have a Marigold Hotel, (from the film The Best Marigold Hotel), and I have to say that it is very tempting! (Have you been watching the new series of The Real Marigold Hotel? I’ve enjoyed it very much).

Do not be put off, however, if you are young and Marigolds are far, far into your future. We welcome guests of any age here, in fact our young guests really love it because they too enjoy the ambience. They often come back with friends or family, later still on honeymoon, later still with their husband or wife and children and perhaps with their own parents too. We’ve seen the progression of many a family and a lot can happen in nearly 14 years!

If you wish, you can book direct on the Book Now page of our website or send us an e-mail with your prospective dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Come and see for yourself, but be prepared. You may have to come back again and again.

Until the next time, please take care, but don’t forget to enjoy yourselves.

Very best wishes