1 April 2016

Honeymoon/Superior Room Terrace
Honeymoon/Superior Room Terrace


Hi Everybody!

I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves!

As I said before, I had a great welcome when I returned from the UK to our little hotel, here on Samui.  Having been away for some time, I really appreciate how beautiful it is and can understand how much our guests love it. It’s like a little haven tucked away amongst the palm trees.  The view is to die for and everything is easily accessible both inside the hotel and out.

If you’re thinking of coming to stay, all our accommodation is shown on our website, www.thewaterfrontbophut.com and I am sure you will find something you like.  If you have any questions, or would like to book, send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com, or complete the booking form on the website.  We are right at the beach with that superb view, have lots of sun beds on the beach, a saline swimming pool with lots of comfortable chairs, footstools and sun umbrellas, an outside decking area where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or snacks, (there are so many restaurants in the village for dinner), a poolside bar, super staff and clean and freshly painted rooms and public areas.

I’ve been eating well too.  I’ve been out to dine at Link, The Shack, Barracuda in The Wharf, Number 56, Lunch at Wine Connection in Chaweng,The Billabong for a bar snack and takeaway from The Hut. We have booked Chez Francois for my birthday, which is Songkran , the Thai New Year, and shall probably be going to Ocean Eleven too sometime soon.  Plus, of course, we’ve been eating Cooking’s marvellous food, here at the hotel. Our little dog, Leo, also has a birthday at Songkran. He will be eleven.

Some of you will have seen my Facebook post a few weeks ago to say that we were in the Freedom Bar which was celebrating seven years on the island.  A fantastic group from the Reggae Bar provided the music and it was so enjoyable. Khun Noom and his wife run the bar and do all they can to make your visit there a good one.  There were all ages and every single person had a smile on their face. “Don’t worry . . . be happy . . . ” and we certainly were.

We’ve had Theressa and Gary back, but this time with their four friends, Derek & Beverley and Matt & Vicki, with Derek, Matt and the girls saying that they are coming back next year to stay in our Family Bungalow.  Sharon & Mark have been back yet again and it was lovely seeing them too.  Sharon looked so well! Michael & Margaret had to think about their return next year as they were going on a family holiday to Mexico, well it’s taken them all of two weeks from the time they left to decide that they are definitely coming back here next year too. Great news!  Ronnie & Anne have been back again and it was lovely to see them, in fact they sent an e-mail today to thank us all for a great holiday and said that they’ll see us again soon. Alison & Mark were here again and enjoyed themselves. They said that they’ll probably be returning yet again in two years’ time – probably a motorbike holiday again next year.  Donald & Alison were back yet again too and just loved it. Geordie & Sue and Jack & Annie, are here again just now and enjoying every moment of their month’s stay – their friends, Chris & Dee, joined them for a while too, a very nice couple – and Jan & Bob are here yet again too, for three weeks in the Honeymoon Suite. Richie & Nickie with their two children, Dylan & Delilah, are coming back later today and we look forward to seeing them very much indeed.  Just heard from Rosie & Steve who usually come every year, but were unable to this year that they’re trying to sort out dates for next year. It’ll be great to see  them back again too.

We’ve also had Wendy & Keith, Linda & John, Christine & John, Cara & Craig, John, Julie & Gary, Imogen & Anthony, Pepita & Alan, Frank & Sheila, Nick & Lynne, Trevor & Mary, Laura & Michael, Dee & Chris, Gabrielle & Ben and Helen & Julie from the UK; Theresa, Pamela & Brett from Australia; Nan & Yanan from China; Karim & Levina and Nadia & Michel from France; Ulrika & Roger, Eleanore & Henning , Paul & Inga, Richard & Axel and Peter & Jenny  from Sweden; Manfred, Barbara & Michael, Eleanore & Jan, Margot, Daniel & Roman, Marco & Kirsten and Louise & Fleur from Germany; Gabriela & Jorge from Agentina; Brad & Jeana, Janice & Jon, Sydnee, Chris & Christina and Kendall & Rob from USA; Ekaterina & Natalia from Russia; Daniel & Paul and Shirley & Marc from Canada; Tarek from Egypt with Jianhua from China; Chen-Jui & Meng-Yu from Taiwan; Su Wen from Malaysia; Viktoria & Augusto from Switzerland and Sean & Ashling from Ireland. Quite a cross-section of nationalities, wouldn’t you say? All fantastic people and it’s been such a pleasure to have them to stay.

I put a short 360 degree video of the hotel on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it was very popular.  I am glad it was enjoyed by so many and shall probably put one or two on again in the future.

If you’re thinking of coming to stay and usually book through agents, give some thought to booking direct. We are more able to answer any questions you may have and give you more of a personal service.  Also we do not show all our availability on these sites, so sometimes we may appear full when, in fact, we could have availability.

What a month for sport!  Robin and I have been avid followers of the 20/20 cricket.  If you’ve been watching at all, haven’t some of them been real cliffhangers? What about England v NZ yesterday?? A tremendous match which puts us in the final! West Indies v India today, shan’t miss that.  Then there’s our own Norwich City football team who’ve not been having the best season it has to be said, but then drew against Manchester City and beat West Bromwich. Newcastle then drew with Sunderland which was great for us and we play Newcastle ourselves at home this weekend, a really important one.  Plus the El Clasico 2016 between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Sunday. England attained the Rugby Grand Slam which was a great feat and Lewis Hamilton came second in the Australian Formula 1. We have golf coming up shortly too.

By the way, if you’re thinking of attending the F1 in Singapore from 16-18 September, why not make it a 2-centre holiday and come to stay with us too?  September is a lovely month here and only an hour and a half away from Singapore – much cheaper too!  Give it some thought!

Not only this, but Robin and I have found one or two excellent series on television too.  Did you enjoy The Night Manager? We’re just getting into The Line of Duty too.  Then there’s The Black List on Netflix and I’m hoping to watch the latest series of House of Cards on there as well.  We’ve gone through 22 episodes of The Black List in no time at all which has been making our bedtime far too late.  All this television! It’s quite novel for us as we didn’t watch much here for years, but now have a comfortable apartment across the road with rather a large television! It can’t be all work, you know!

It’s really hot here just now, but that’s not deterring our guests from sunbathing every hour imaginable. I can’t do it myself these days, I’m afraid – far too hot for me! – but I’m so pleased the guests are enjoying it.

Well, I need to go. Guests to see in and guests to see out. Life goes on in our little paradise and I’d like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful guests who’ve crossed our path – may they continue to do so for many years to come.

Best wishes