1 April 2015



View through the bar to Koh Phangan at #The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Cafe, #Bophut, #Koh Samui

Hello There!

The Waterfront Boutique Beach Hotel & Café has eighteen clean and well-equipped rooms and bungalows all beside the beach, a saline swimming pool surrounded by comfortable chairs and footstools which are also in the gardens, a beach bar, beach restaurant, massage sala, lots of sunbeds on the beach and all with stunning views of the sea and outlying islands.  Our charming village of Bophut, otherwise known as Fisherman’s Village, with its excellent restaurants, bars and boutiques, are just a stroll away.  The hotel is family-run by my husband Robin and I together with our son Michael and we’re wonderfully backed by our Thai staff who have been with us for years.  Guests return again and again, even becoming friends with each other along the way and each year seems to get better and better.  It is the hotel’s twelfth year anniversary this August and bookings for next year are better than ever.

Sonkran, the Thai New Year, is coming up on 13 April so Thais all over the country and indeed the world will be celebrating that day mainly by throwing water over each other which symbolises cleansing and rejuvenation.  Our previous maintenance man, Mark, was always a terror for throwing whomever he could into the pool or drenching them from a water gun.   We do miss him, but not his antics, I have to say. I expect it to be quieter again this year, although I shouldn’t speak too soon.  As some of you will know, it’s also Leo’s and my birthday too.  He will be ten and I will be, well, very young for my age and we prefer to stay out of harm’s way, if at all possible.

We’d like to thank Trip Advisor reviewers Estelle & Richard, Dave & Veronica, Lorna & Mike, Anne & Ronnie, Polar & Pom, Anders & Hanne who kindly wrote one in Norwegian, Peter & Tricia and Peter & Dot for their very kind reviews, even though Peter & Dot were requested to modify theirs slightly!

I told you that a photographer from oyster.com, part of tripadvisor.com , was coming to take photos of the hotel.  Well, he took over two hundred and they’re showing on both of those websites.   It’s worth mentioning that our hotel does appear to be offered at slightly different prices on the different agents’ sites, but they’re all pretty similar once taxes, etc, have been charged and should be the same price as we charge too.   We were very insistent that guests who come directly to us pay the same as any guest coming through an agent, but of course you do receive a more personal service if you come direct to us.  Also, we do not give agents all our availability, so it could say we are full on their sites when, in fact, we are not.

Alan & Rene have enjoyed their stay, especially their evening swims it has to be said, and are in the process of booking for next year.  Paul & Amanda stayed for three nights and loved it so much that they’re also in the process of booking for next year and are going to tell all their friends about us.  If their friends are like them, we shall be very pleased indeed.   Jack & Annie and Geordie & Sue, (who celebrated a big wedding anniversary), were with us recently, having been here five years ago.  Amazingly, the two very kind-hearted gentlemen chipped in with lots of different heavy hotel chores and even walked Leo.  It is with great delight, therefore, that I tell you that the four of them will be coming back next year for a month and this is not because of their hard work, (which, of course, I wholly appreciate), but because they are all such super people. Rosie & Steve, from Norwich, left a few days ago.  It was their sixth visit and, when they were saying goodbye to the staff, they were also telling them that they’d see them again next year.  I hope so.  They are a super couple and, although neither of them felt at their best the whole time, they said that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Donald & Alison are here again and it’s great to see them.  They just strolled by en route to the village for a little snack and drink before returning to the pool. It’s such a hard life! Ritchie, Nicky, Dylan & Delilah have arrived.  Delilah is only four months old, a real little sweetie, and I believe the romantic setting here last March had something to do with her arrival . . .  Dylan, who learned to swim here the year before last, (he was five last week), is now swimming like a fish, with real confidence and expertise.  Marvellous children!  Paul & Jan have arrived again, probably for the ninth or tenth time, (they’re coming back again in July), so it’s good to catch up with them and Ian & Rosemary are here again from Dubai, great to see them too.  Chris,Lamai & Daniel are coming back very shortly for a holiday.  It will be interesting to hear about their new life in the UK and how it feels to be back here again.  We very much look forward to seeing them.

It was very remiss of me last time not to mention David & Jill, also from Norwich.  David played football and cricket against Robin in our old life and it was good to hear both he and Robin reminiscing about their younger years and have him bring us up to date on old names and faces with whom we had lost touch.  Jill, whom we had not met before, was a breath of fresh air, a really lovely lady, and they soon started chatting to all the other fantastic guests and becoming supper companions with many of them too.  I hope they enjoyed themselves and that they may think about coming again – perhaps next year with friends from Australia? It was lovely to see Carole & Glen recently again too and to hear all their news.  They said that they’d also really enjoyed their stay so we hope that we see them coming back too.   Also Sharon & Mark, who’ve been here loads of times, were here yet again recently and became very friendly with Lorna & Mike who were also returning to see us again for the second time.  Lorna gave me a few tips on social media which was very kind of her.  Sharon’s and Lorna’s laughter was music to my ears, it really was, as was Jacqui’s – the third musketeer – when she was here.  They were always finding something to laugh about and I’m sure they’d get on very well with little Dylan if they met him as he laughs out loud at almost everything and anything. May he keep that positive outlook throughout his life!

Katie, a very good friend of my daughter, Charlotte, has just been whisked away on holiday to Rome by her boyfriend, Jake.  It seems he had an ulterior motive and now they have become engaged.  I am so happy for them and hope that they are always as happy as they are now.  When it comes to a honeymoon, perhaps they might think about coming to stay with us?  We’ve had lots of honeymooners here and have a special Honeymoon/Superior Room with twin showers, twin basins and a picture window of the sea and outlying islands which I’m sure they’d love.  Food for thought, perhaps?

Although our bookings are up for next year, May this year is not too busy on the island which is so surprising considering that it is a lovely time of the year.  If you are thinking of holidaying soon, we should like to offer 30% discount at our hotel for direct bookings during the usually lovely sunny month of May, no corners cut, no attention spared, just our best service, as usual.  Perhaps you could bring your partner, your young children or grandchildren, (we have babysitters here), or older children, or perhaps treat your mother and father, (they’d love it), or suggest to your friends or societies that this would be a good time to come and see us, (enough friends, relations or associates could even rent out the whole hotel which is a super experience).   We look forward to hearing from you.

Khun Orr, one of our reception staff, has been receiving good press recently.  He does try to do his best on a daily basis, it has to be said.  In fact I’ve already told some guests that I intend to call him ‘Orrsome’ which fits the bill superbly.

If you’re thinking of coming to see us, and we’d love it if you did, send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the Bookings Form on this website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.  We already have many bookings for Christmas and next February so, if you are thinking of coming to stay then, do try to finalise your plans as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Just come and be Samuied . . .  you’ll love it.

Until the next time, take care and start planning that holiday!

Best wishes