1 April 2014


Hi from Norwich in the UK! Okay, okay, I know it’s not Samui, but I’m enjoying being with my girls – my mother and Charlotte, our daughter. My mum is a tiny bit brighter and Charlotte is feeling a little better from her chiropractic treatment too. While we’re on the subject of this treatment, thank you so much for your advice and encouragement, Mark & Alison, Steve & Rosie and Peter & Dot and it was lovely seeing you all again.

Heard from Peter and Dot in Norwich and have arranged to see them for a coffee tomorrow. I popped into John Lewis to see Steve and Rosie, but was only lucky enough to see Steve who looked really well. Hopefully, I’ll see Rosie very soon. Lots more people to see, but haven’t had too much time, as yet.

Thank you all so much for all your fantastic reviews! We really appreciate it and are thrilled that you enjoyed your holiday with us so much that you could write about it as positively as you all did. Also, thank you for all your bookings! So many of you have booked again for next year and we are absolutely delighted. Don’t forget to tell your friends and relations – let them enjoy a super holiday with us too. Like Glyn’s daughter, Sally, and family, Paul and Alicia, for example, and Margaret & Michael’s friends, Sue and Brian – all delightful people and an absolute pleasure to meet. We very much hope that they’ll come back to see us again too.

They’ve been having lovely weather in Samui and the guests have been enjoying themselves, as usual. The Thai New Year is on the 13 April, of course, as is my birthday and Leo’s birthday too. Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier, will be nine and I shall be, well, we shan’t go into that just now. Let’s just say that I am old enough and young enough and I am sure that many of you out there feel just the same way. Thinking of celebrations, we had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. The three of us had a barbecue and it was super.

The new website has been delayed. Felt that the photos needed to be taken again. Well, so many of you said that we should have better photos on our website and we felt that the new ones were no better, so we’re shelving progress until my return. Don’t quite know when that will be yet, but I shall keep you posted.

Not a very good result for Norwich last Saturday. We hope to do much better against West Bromwich this weekend. I don’t really agree with it, but Robin has bet £500 that Norwich will go down. Obviously, he is hoping to lose it, but feels that a little financial gain would somewhat cushion the onset of a very deep depression.

Well, I’m off now. The thing is, I’m in a very good position as I know that I shall be going to Samui in the near future. Wouldn’t you like to know that too? Give it some thought. The hotel looks really super these days. If you’re thinking of coming to see us, just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability. You could be walking around the corner in no time and we’d love to see you.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes