Hi everyone! Here we are again, still enjoying our wonderful life in Bophut, Koh Samui. The guests have been marvellous, the staff have been marvellous and the weather has been marvellous too. If you are thinking of taking a super holiday, look no further – come to stay at The Waterfront.

As usual, our guests have been of all ages, all nationalities and all walks of life. They’ve either been with friends, with spouses, with parents, with children or with grandparents. They’ve arrived in twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens or eights and every single one has been a pleasure to meet. Guests do seem to love it here. I’ve often heard them say that it feels just like home. And that makes us very happy indeed. Sorry, if you don’t feel particularly happy at home yourself, but I think you get the drift.

I’m also extremely sorry that the new website isn’t ready. There was trouble with it being compatible with the mobile version, so there’s still more to do, unfortunately. As that wonderful guy said with his inimitable Indian accent and wobbling head in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, “it’ll be all right in the end and, if it is not all right, it is not the end.”

Speaking of that enjoyable film of which I believe there is a sequel next year, it has been discussed yet again at our bar, namely with Paul & Jan, that we should open a Marigold Hotel ourselves one day. Well, we do get some great characters staying here, that’s for sure, and it would be good to see them on even a more regular basis. It would have to be a place for fit and sociable guests who have perhaps given up full-time work and who would like to come to stay for a few months or longer, but not, we decided, on a permanent basis and all that could entail with health issues, etc, although we do have excellent hospitals on the island as has been proven in the past. Paul commented that he’d definitely want to mix with some young people too, as he does here, and Jan said that they certainly do love it at our hotel and feel that there is nowhere else quite like it. They’re even hoping to come back in October which will be their third trip this year and were also hoping that they could include it even more in their future plans somehow – when they eventually decide to retire, that is. Not only do we have our hotel, you know, but we have our Waterfront Apartments across the road that you may be interested in if you were thinking of staying awhile. They have a bedroom, a sitting room and a kitchen area. They’re lovely and you can still pop over here to socialise and to use our pool and facilities. So, you could say we already have the makings of a Marigold Hotel, but it’s even better as we already have retired couples, working families and singles, as well as lots of younger guests staying there a few months at a time, and they all love it!

Our guests at the hotel just now are Yukie; Samantha and Theresa; Shelly, Sarah & Patti Jo; Vincent, Sophie, Laurlane & Romain who spent a couple of nights on Koh Phangan and are now back again; Alan & Mandy who have been here many times are now here with their granddaughter, Alicia, and they’re all having a great time; Kevin & Chris; David; David & Helen; Dan & Steve and Marchiano & Remko. Lovely Diana has just left, as have Paul & Jan who’ve been here many times as mentioned above, Keith, Jade & their son, Bradley, Mike & Nas and Hugh, Jo and their sons, Henry & Oscar – all fantastic guests and ones we really hope to see again. In fact, everyone has been remarking on how super the guests are. Of course, they’re always super, we are very lucky indeed.

A few weeks ago, Robin and Michael were in Classico in the village generally chatting about the fact that it was difficult to find a really good roast on a Sunday. Okay, okay, you may be rather surprised that we should even think of such a thing, but we do miss a good roast and have searched far and wide, mainly to no avail. There are a couple of roast buffets on a Sunday, namely Nikki Beach and Beach Republic which are good, (I’ve been to the latter and enjoyed it and have heard the former is good too), but one doesn’t always want a buffet, especially as they are quite expensive, and they are not too near us either. One of the participants in the conversation, Graham, said that he had recently been visiting a new chef to the island, Francois, who does a magnificent roast on a Sunday and indeed a fantastic evening meal too, but he only does one sitting, cooks what he wishes to cook depending on what’s the best available that day, (unless you have a special request, of course), and booking is necessary as one cannot just walk in off the street. We waited for an appropriate time for us all and joined Graham for lunch at Chez Francois. Francois, obviously French, had been working as a chef in Dubai for thirty years and it shows. He greeted us all and told us what he had cooked for us and how he intended to serve it. We had very tasty prawns to start, then filleted loin of pork, carved by him at the table, with the most delicious stuffing I have ever tasted, an assortment of vegetables, as well as a steak and wine, puff pastry pie and a cheesy pasta, followed by berry crumble with beautiful custard and ice cream then a delectable tarte au chocolat. It was absolutely scrumptious. All this for 900 Baht per person, plus drinks. Evening meals are 1,500 Baht per person plus drinks and Graham said that, when he had visited there recently, he and his lady had enjoyed Lobster Bisque with huge chunks of lobster followed by Chateaubriand. Sounds okay to me!

We enjoyed it so much that, when some old guests of ours – Chris, Debs, Grace and her friend, Ali - came especially to see us a couple of times last week, (they also said it felt like coming home, but were staying elsewhere due to arrangements made by another party), they told us that they could be moving to Dubai to live. I knew how much they enjoyed a good meal and mentioned Francois to them and how it could be interesting to chat to him about their new life. They were very keen indeed as were Mike and Nas, a couple of other lovely guests of ours who we knew loved the good life as proven by the odd bottle or two of Prosecco they enjoyed during their stay. We went for Sunday lunch again and I had asked for a beef roast with Yorkshire pudding to be part of it. As happened the last time, we arrived at the big, wooden doors which were opened just for us, then closed again once we were inside, before we were shown to the table. Lovely Francois came out from the kitchen and told us he had cooked a flaked salmon dish which was enchanting, followed by a cauliflower and cheese soup which was breathtaking, followed by roast beef which he wasn’t very pleased with, but which we were all more than happy with, Yorkshire pudding and an assortment of vegetables plus a chicken and mushroom pie with puff pastry – if only I could cook one like that! – followed by apple and rhubarb strudel with that beautiful custard and ice cream and some very chocolatey mousse. Again, everyone present really enjoyed it and felt that it had been an unforgettable experience. So, if you wish to visit Chez Francois, ask us about him when you come to see us. We shall certainly be going again.

Have just heard that, due to unforeseen circumstances, Michael & Maureen cannot now come to see us in February. We’ll really miss them as will other guests due at that time, I know. We very much hope to see them sometime soon after that, however. As they said in their e-mail, it will now enable some other lucky couple to enjoy a holiday at our hotel as February does get booked very quickly.

Our son, Michael, is going to accompany me on my next visit to the UK, but he is hoping to find work and stay there too. Then, as soon as possible after that, he hopes his girlfriend and daughter will join him to start a new life there. Obviously, if he cannot find anything suitable, he will come back to Samui. As Jan said the other day, although she totally understands that he has to go, the hotel won’t be the same without him, that’s for sure. I totally agree.

For those of you who know Charlotte, our daughter, she is currently enjoying a holiday in Magaluf. Yes, various reports have filtered through about the place, but Charlotte said not to take any notice of any adverse press reports. She said that it is very pretty and she and her friend are enjoying themselves enormously. I am so pleased as they were very sick for the first two days of their holiday and even considered flying home. Thankfully, they made a great recovery and are even thinking of going back with more friends next year.

Well, I could go on for ages today! I think it’s time to stop, however, otherwise you may never wish to read my blog again. Do think about coming to see us soon – we’d love it. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability. You could be enjoying a marvellous break in next to no time.

Until the next time, take care and enjoy yourselves whenever you can.

Best wishes



Hello there! These weeks just fly by, don’t they?

It’s been just super at our little hotel. Although we had one or two showers last week which actually were very welcome most of the time, it’s mainly been very hot and very sunny. There are lots of brown bodies swanning around the place displaying huge smiley faces. We’ve also had quite a few children here recently, but you wouldn’t know it as they’ve been so well-behaved and quiet which is just amazing. As usual, Leo, our beautiful Yorkshire Terrier who is now nine, has been a huge hit with them.

We’re still receiving compliments about the pool. Many people say that it looks as though it’s always been there and how amazing it is that a much bigger pool doesn’t seem to have taken any space from anywhere else. We’re very pleased with it, as you will know if you’ve been reading my blog at all.

Awful news about the air crashes. Our own lovely Scottish contingent, Sue & Tom and Billy & Liz heard about MH17 as they were boarding their own Malaysian flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. How awful was that? Our thoughts, of course, are with the poor families who lost loved ones. It must be excruciating for them. And, of course, for all those suffering in war zones too. If only compromises and agreements could be reached without further loss of life. There seems to be trouble everywhere.

Not only have I been writing this blog for seven years today, but we've been here eleven years on the 7th. During that time, we’ve met an enormous amount of fantastic guests and made a huge amount of friends. Some we see again and again like Paul & Jan who are here just now and Stig &Torill who have just left with other members of their family. Ian is here too on his second visit and we’ve got lots of new guests too, like Horvat & Yannic; Diana; Sally, Brian, Wayne, Jennifer & Isabel; Lauren & Erin; Ailsa & Luke; Dan & Sally; Gordon & Sandra; Jeroen, Marja, Philip & Anouk; Max, Marietta, Casper & Sabine; Kuba, Powet, Maja & Katarzyna ; Martha, Gregory, Lara & Ben; Salil, Sidharth, Goatham & Ambady; Thomas, Mikell & Bonny as well as Daniel & Vanessa.

Did I ever tell you that Chris, (one of our former guests who moved out here to be with one of our receptionists), and Lamai, (the said receptionist), are leaving Samui to move back to the UK with little Daniel, their son of ten months? A career opportunity, too good to refuse, came up for Chris in the UK and he went over for an interview. Almost immediately, he heard that he had been successful , so has now he’s left his Thai position and is flying back to the UK again tomorrow. Lamai is just waiting for her visa, having passed her tests at the Embassy with flying colours, and she and Daniel will be following Chris as soon as it comes through. So it’s goodbye to Lamai after all these years and goodbye to Chris too, although they do say that they’ll be back for a holiday in the near future. I am sure many of you guests will have enjoyed your chats with Chris whilst he partook of his daily lunchtime Tom Yum. He’s been here almost three years and I can’t believe it. We’ll miss them both and wish them much happiness in their new life together.

Robin hasn’t been feeling well of late. I think I told you that, the day after he broke some bones in his hand, he had a pain in his stomach, (not related, I might add). After various tests, he had to undergo a colonoscopy. This wasn’t successful and so it was suggested that he have another one in Bangkok. He had this last week and various illnesses were suggested, one ghastly one in particular. It was all hanging on the biopsy results which he would hear at the follow-up on Wednesday. He left Samui for it with great trepidation. A good piece of news spurred him on for a while as he was upgraded to Business Class on the trip over and I thought it was a sign of good luck. It didn’t even touch on the second piece of good news though. I am very, very pleased to announce that he is absolutely fine!! He does have an infection, but this can be eradicated in a couple of weeks. No Heineken allowed during the treatment, however, but he is very happy indeed to settle for that, I can tell you. Phew!!

The website should be working, honestly, by the next bulletin – and it’s all organised to be just as good on the mobile where we’ve had to use a slightly different format to ensure a good presentation. I hope you like it. I have already shown Paul & Jan the mobile version and they like it a lot. In fact, they were able to give me one or two excellent suggestions which I have mentioned to the web designer already. While we’re on the subject of Paul & Jan, they are actually going to hire Michael’s car and venture out on Monday. They’ve often nearly done this before, but backed out at the last moment because they so enjoy their relaxation, their reading, their lunches, dinners and walks. This is a new side not seen before and I look forward to hearing all about it. They were excited to hear Max and his family enthusing about their trip around the island yesterday during which they’d found a deserted beach at Lipa Noi, visited one of the waterfalls and found another excellent beach for swimming in Chongmon.

I did write to lovely guests Peter & Dot earlier in the year, but have not heard back from them. I know they lead a very busy life in Derbyshire and beyond, but look forward to hearing that all is okay. I think I wrote around the end of May thinking it was Dot’s birthday. I do hope they haven’t taken root in their vegetable patch . . .

Also, we often think of Steve & Jean, two other great guests. How are you both? Are you still catering for the bride and groom? It’s three years now since we saw you. We hope you are keeping well and that life is treating you likewise. We’d love to know how you are.

So, you see, life goes on in this little piece of paradise. Why not come and see for yourselves? Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates, or complete the booking form on the website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes



Hello! How are you?

Welcome to our site. It’s always great to have a few words with you and I know many of you like to know what’s going on at our little hotel.

Paul & Elaine have been here again, loved it again and are definitely coming back. Jacqui & Joe are still here, and it’s great to see them again too. Sue, Tom, Liz & Billy are also here again and have been saying that many of their friends ask them why on earth do they keep coming back to the same place? Because we just love it, is their reply, everything is always as we expect it to be, only better, and we’re greeted like old friends, so it’s not like it is in a 5-star at all where it’s so impersonal. We feel at home as soon as we get here and can start enjoying ourselves straightaway . . . not a bad recommendation at all from our always happy, always laughing guests. We look forward to seeing Paul & Jan and Stig & Torvill again too.

Even though everything was looking good, I got the guys to give the sunbeds an extra clean so they’re all extra white again, also repair or replace and paint some chairs and tables on the decking as well as some stools around the bar and repair some fencing too. It all looks really spic and span and I’ve just bought some orchids which now sit proudly on the table tops, thanks to Khun Carol, our receptionist.

Khun Carol lost her partner recently. We were so sorry. She met him here when we were initially making changes to the hotel over eleven years ago and he was the site manager. I fondly remember seeing her happy and blushing face as she rushed into work. He fought a hard battle with the big C and sadly lost. I feel very sorry for her. Also for her son who had not only lost him, but also his own father only a few months before. Her son studies in Phuket and both he and his step-father came especially to see me only a few months ago and I was so pleased to see them. I know Khun Carol had been finding the strain very hard to bear, although I did not hear her once complain. She’s a good girl and I wish her much peace and happiness.

There was a lot of wind in the early hours the other morning. So much so that parts of our reception roof blew to the ground. Thankfully, nobody was walking past at the time . . we certainly don’t want to lose any guests! Our boys went up there, crashing and banging, and it was repaired in no time. They’re able to do anything. We’re so lucky to have them. There was yet another huge wind the next morning and, this time, a couple of trees took the brunt. They were soon trimmed and huge branches carted away, again by the boys, so we’re back to normal now.

Still working on the new website. I’ve taken a panoramic shot of the hotel and there’s a new photo of Robin and me on that page too. I look as though I have been enjoying my food recently which will come as quite a shock to many of you who always tell me that I am too thin.

I forgot to tell you that Robin and I had a lovely time when he recently met me in Bangkok on my way back from the UK. We had two nights there and two nights in Hua Hin. Noticed you were pleased about the trip, David!! The new car went well, of course, but I have yet to drive it. It’s very smart though, I have to say. The GPS was excellent in getting us out of the city. I don’t know how we’d have managed without it.

So here I am again, living the life in our lovely hotel! Why don’t you come and join us? Send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll reply straightaway with our availability. You could be here in no time.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves – and start planning that holiday.

Best wishes



Hello from sunny Thailand!

Yes, I’m back again and, as usual, the hotel seems even more beautiful than the last time. All is clean and sparkling too. The gardens are mature and well manicured, the buildings are bright and freshly painted, the pool is well maintained and inviting, the beach is swept and waiting for guests to fill its sunbeds, the bar is polished and fully stocked, the tables and chairs have been repaired or replaced, in fact all is ready to welcome you, as usual. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll often feel more looked after in a family-run hotel. If things need to be done, they’re done. Straightaway. That goes the same if you needed help or were unlucky enough to have a problem – we’d be onto it and looking for a solution without delay.

Michael took me to see the new Festival Central shopping mall in Chaweng the day after I arrived. Some beautiful shops are there as well as beauty parlours, hairdressers, restaurants, a food hall and a Tops supermarket which sells some mouth-watering fare. It’s all very smart and very calm compared to the razzmatazz in the street outside, but there are not many customers around. Whether Samui actually needed or can maintain a shopping mall of this nature remains to be seen. Let’s hope that the high season sees a more robust atmosphere. Many people have invested in it and I really wish them success.

Robin and I passed by for a snack and drink there last night. We sampled a snack in the Food Hall – Robin had Indian, I had Italian - then a drink at the Belgian Zazen’s, which looked very attractive with its chandeliers and lush decor inside although we were outside sitting under a canopy more or less like a street cafe really, and a drink in Wine Connection which has mini infinity pools between the seating, not for swimming I hasten to add, just for atmosphere. We had arranged to meet at the last venue so that Robin could move the car as the mall is open from 11am to 11pm and it was a couple of minutes to closing time. Robin arrived looking rather flushed, however. Apparently, he had just missed being run over by a motorbike. I don’t think the beer touched the sides.

As I’ve been in the UK for a while, I had put the new website on the back burner, but now I have to make a decision and have decided to go with it. The photos are not quite as good as we had hoped, (we should have asked you, Hubert - hope the leg is better!), but we can always improve on them at a later date. The website designers have been very helpful indeed even though I've kept them waiting and we're having another meeting on Wednesday. So, possibly the next time you read my blog, or more likely the time after that, you’ll be greeted by a new page. I hope you like it. There may be an opportunity for you to comment on there too or leave a message for each other.

Joe & Jacqui are back again tomorrow and it’ll be super to see them again. Sue & Tom and Billie & Liz are coming back within the next few days and just thinking of Sue brings a smile to my face. She’s always laughing, in fact they all are to be truthful. Lovely people. Perfect guests. But then, most of our guests are perfect. It’s amazing really.

Why don’t you come to see us too? You can send Robin an e-mail telling him your prospective dates, or complete the bookings form on the Enquiries page of this website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. You could be soaking up the sun in no time.

Until the next time, or if I see you before then, take good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes



Hello! How are you today? I'm excellent as I'm going back to my little paradise in a few days. Apparently, things are going really well there and the hotel is in great shape. If you haven't stayed with us before, do think about doing so. We have 18 rooms and we're right at the beach. We've had it for nearly eleven years and many of our staff have been with us for ages. It's low season just now, so the cost is less too.

I arrive on Saturday and am being met by my husband, not in Samui either, in Bangkok. He is driving there in our new car. What do you think of that then? We're having a couple of nights in Bangkok then a couple of nights in Hua Hin. Whether we stay somewhere else for a night or two after that remains to be seen. But we'll actually be out of Samui at the same time and together too! One or two of you will be amazed at this turn of events. I must say that I am rather surprised myself. Robin is a little anxious about driving in Bangkok, but I'm sure he'll be fine . . .

Ivan and Liz have come to stay at the hotel for the first time and are loving it. They've told Robin that they'll certainly be back and that's great to hear. However, another guest recently complained about the scruffy boss speaking loudly on the telephone during breakfast. Well, that was our son, Michael. His voice can carry on occasions, it has to be said, and he does grab the quickest thing to wear sometimes, but he's young and full of life and, hey, would one conversation upset you so much that you'd have to broadcast it to the world? In fact, Michael's 'wrongdoing' pales in comparison. And what's that saying? If youth only knew and age only could? I wish I could, I can tell you.

I've had a great time with my mother and our daughter. My mother is feeling and looking much better and Charlotte's back is improving all the time, but I've not managed to see some very special people like Liz and Mike, Hilary and Tony, Sue and Aubrey and Debbie and Peter. I shall have to defer my meeting them yet again until my next visit which shouldn't be too long. My mother is 89 and deserves as much tlc as possible, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to give this to her when I'm here, especially this time when I'd been so worried about her.

Next time, I shall be in the fold. Back at The Waterfront. I hope you'll come to see us soon as we'd love to see you. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he'll write straight back with our availability.

Until then, take good care of yourselves and don't lose your way. Robin's hoping not to, that's for sure.

My very best wishes.



Hello and welcome back to our site. Sorry I'm a day or two late.

Samui has been a little quiet recently due to it being Low Season, but Bophut is never hectic and it is worth remembering that it is less expensive to stay on the island this time of the year. The weather is generally fantastic too.

I am also very pleased to report that you wouldn't know in Samui that there has been a coup in the country. Things generally carry on as normal on this little paradise island. And you don't have to fly here via Bangkok if you don't wish to as you can fly here direct from Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phuket, Chang Mai, Krabi and Utapao-Rayong, near Pattaya.

Robin is fit and well. We did have a bit of a worry about his health a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully it was a false alarm, so we're very happy about that. So happy, in fact, that Robin thought we could invest in a new car. Consequently, we should be taking possession of a new Fortuner in the next few days. A white one this time, so you should arrive at the hotel in style next time you come to see us.

Graeme came back recently and thoroughly enjoyed his stay and Sue & John are coming back next March with Ann & Jack and we hope they enjoy it too. It will be lovely to see them again. I've been thinking about Paul & Jan recently and I look forward to seeing them next month, especially as I missed them earlier in the year.

Saw Rosie & Steve for a drink last week which was great. Caught up with all their news and really hope that they'll be out to see us again next year.

If any of you are into textiles, you may know and appreciate Kaffe Fassett's talent. I was lucky enough to see him lecture at Norwich Cathedral recently and it was inspiring. I sat beside two great ladies, Sue and Lynne, who said that they'd love to come to stay at the hotel! I do hope so as I felt I had known them for years and should love to welcome them here - or there, rather, as I am still in the UK, but not for much longer!

I look forward to returning to our little hotel and I hope that you will come and stay in the near future. If you are thinking of doing so, just send Robin an e-mail and - if he isn't driving his new toy - he'll reply without delay.

Take care and enjoy yourselves - that's the main thing.

Best wishes



Hello there!

Great to welcome you to our site. The weather has been glorious and our guests have really been enjoying themselves, so much so that they're often booking again straightaway. Dave & Anne have extended their stay next Febuary as their friends, Michael & Jayne, are coming back too with some more friends, Douglas and Christine. Gary & Sara have also booked again for February and it'll be great to see them all as well as Miki & Bruno and Tomohiro & Tomoko who are coming back this August.

A new Central Festival Shopping Centre has opened in Chaweng which is proving to be a hit. It's not too tall so blends in well with the tropical environment. It will not detract from the island feel of Samui either as Chaweng is already the busiest part of the island. Bophut, for example, where we are, is still a sleepy village really even though it has lots of super restaurants, bars and boutiques in just a couple of streets right beside the sea. Robin and Michael have been to the new shopping centre a few times for lunch and Robin has bought some very smart clothes there too. Apparently, cinemas will arrive later.

There was a motorcycle rally around the island recently and Michael, our son, together with Chris, married to our receptionist, Lamai, joined in and had a marvellous time. If you're a bike fanatic and are here in the future when a rally is on, you might like to join in with the fun too.

I have been so busy here in Norwich that I haven't had time to see my friends. If you're reading this and I haven't seen you, I really hope to soon, so do bear with me, although I think Robin may be going into hospital again next week and I'd like to be there so I may have to see you next time. Nothing to worry about, by the way, thank goodness. I think the biggest worry he's had recently is that Norwich City has been relegated! His plaster is also off now too, so the hand is getting better.

If you're thinking of staying, and we really hope you are, just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he, Michael or maybe I will write straight back with our availability. We've often been told that our hotel is a super place to stay, but now that the new pool is here, the gardens more mature, several improvements made and ten years of experience under our belt - eleven in August - we feel it's even better and would love you to come and see.

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes



Hello! How are you? I'm absolutely fine - enjoying Norwich, as usual, especially as I'm with my mother and daughter, of course.

My poor husband has a different story. As you will probably know, Norwich did not win against Manchester United last weekend and, when Man U first scored, Robin was so annoyed and frustrated that he banged his hand on the table. It hurt a little that evening and a little the next day, but was beginning to hurt quite a lot the next day, so he visited the hospital. They immediately x-rayed it and found a couple of cracked bones in the back of his hand, so now he has his hand and part of his arm in plaster. As if that were not enough, he had a very bad pain in his stomach today, so visited the hospital for a second time. It's not serious, thankfully, and he should be on the mend in no time. Hopefully, things will not come in threes. A win from Norwich would see him making a miraculous recovery, I am sure.

As I told you last time, Ian & Rosemary from Dubai have been staying again and had a great time. Sue & Geordie and their friends Jack & Annie are coming back next March and Ronnie & Anne are coming back in February when their friends, Stuart & Janice, visit too. We're looking forward to seeing them all again and are so happy that they enjoyed their recent trip enough to book again so soon. Bob and Jan, who have stayed so many times, are also coming back in March and it'll be great to catch up on all their news too.

If any of you look on Trip Advisor or any agent site and see our hotel being offered at a cheaper or different price, we assure you that every price is ultimately the same, whether you book direct or through an agent. Agents often calculate prices differently and then tax is added, but they all end up the same. All we would say about this is that, if you do decide to book through an agent, we can't give you a personal advisory service during your booking - we often can't even contact you - so do bear that in mind, especially as you're paying exactly the same as you would if you contacted us direct.

Very hot in Samui just now - an arm in plaster can't be very comfortable! But, if you're plaster-free, I suggest you think about staying in the near future. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he'll write straight back with our availability.

We look forward to seeing you.

Very best wishes



Hello everyone! SO sorry I'm a day late. Actually, I nearly didn't manage to write today - my daughter led me astray in the local pub. Lots of lovely people to speak to and most of you who have been to our hotel know how much I love to chat. I've recently changed to gin and tonics too and they were so good this evening.

I have to say though that I'm sorry to be missing Paul and Jan at the hotel, but I shall see them when they return yet again in July. Yes, they've just booked again. Hello, Paul and Jan! Hope you're samuied!

I'm also sad to be missing Steve and Lisa who last stayed a couple of years ago when they married on the island. Anne and David, their grandparents, are also with them again - they were even there for the honeymoon! I love to see close families, don't you? If you remember my blog at that time, the wedding was absolutely super. A great time was had by all.

Stuart and Janice, who were here just recently, have booked hugely for the beginning of next year and we really look forward to seeing them again. In fact, our next year's bookings are looking very healthy indeed. If you're thinking of coming to see us, do think more about it and book as soon as you can so that you don't miss out. We'd love to see you!

Hayley, Kev and Tain have also booked again for next Christmas, so no doubt we'll be hearing from Billy and Nicole and Carla and James soon as they all promised to see eachother again. Looking forward to seeing you all too.

You may remember I told you that little Salina, our granddaughter, had her tonsils and adenoids out a few weeks ago. Well, she is doing really well and it has made a tremendous difference to her all round.

The weather is hot, hot, hot in Samui. So, if you're getting fed up with the cold wherever you are, book now and be in heaven. It's really amazing there at the moment, apparently.

Our football team, Norwich City, is not doing very well. Okay, that's an understatement, but we are not giving up! New manager, Neil Adams, had certainly made a difference on Saturday, but they didn't score! Ugh! Hopefully, they'll do better this week, but it is against Liverpool . . .

Samui is wonderful and, as much as I am loving it here in Norwich, I know that paradise awaits my return. If you wish to experience a little bit of paradise sometime soon, write to us without delay. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he'll write straight back with our availability. You'll love it.

Well, have to go. Charlotte, our daughter, has just prepared a fabulous Indian meal for me and I can't wait.

Take care and come to see us soon.

Very best wishes until the next time.



Hi from Norwich in the UK! Okay, okay, I know it’s not Samui, but I’m enjoying being with my girls - my mother and Charlotte, our daughter. My mum is a tiny bit brighter and Charlotte is feeling a little better from her chiropractic treatment too. While we’re on the subject of this treatment, thank you so much for your advice and encouragement, Mark & Alison, Steve & Rosie and Peter & Dot and it was lovely seeing you all again.

Heard from Peter and Dot in Norwich and have arranged to see them for a coffee tomorrow. I popped into John Lewis to see Steve and Rosie, but was only lucky enough to see Steve who looked really well. Hopefully, I’ll see Rosie very soon. Lots more people to see, but haven’t had too much time, as yet.

Thank you all so much for all your fantastic reviews! We really appreciate it and are thrilled that you enjoyed your holiday with us so much that you could write about it as positively as you all did. Also, thank you for all your bookings! So many of you have booked again for next year and we are absolutely delighted. Don’t forget to tell your friends and relations – let them enjoy a super holiday with us too. Like Glyn’s daughter, Sally, and family, Paul and Alicia, for example, and Margaret & Michael’s friends, Sue and Brian - all delightful people and an absolute pleasure to meet. We very much hope that they’ll come back to see us again too.

They’ve been having lovely weather in Samui and the guests have been enjoying themselves, as usual. The Thai New Year is on the 13 April, of course, as is my birthday and Leo’s birthday too. Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier, will be nine and I shall be, well, we shan’t go into that just now. Let’s just say that I am old enough and young enough and I am sure that many of you out there feel just the same way. Thinking of celebrations, we had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. The three of us had a barbecue and it was super.

The new website has been delayed. Felt that the photos needed to be taken again. Well, so many of you said that we should have better photos on our website and we felt that the new ones were no better, so we're shelving progress until my return. Don’t quite know when that will be yet, but I shall keep you posted.

Not a very good result for Norwich last Saturday. We hope to do much better against West Bromwich this weekend. I don't really agree with it, but Robin has bet £500 that Norwich will go down. Obviously, he is hoping to lose it, but feels that a little financial gain would somewhat cushion the onset of a very deep depression.

Well, I'm off now. The thing is, I'm in a very good position as I know that I shall be going to Samui in the near future. Wouldn't you like to know that too? Give it some thought. The hotel looks really super these days. If you're thinking of coming to see us, just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he'll write straight back with our availability. You could be walking around the corner in no time and we'd love to see you.

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Very best wishes


15 March 2014

Hello everybody! I hope you are well and enjoying life. Everything has been going swimmingly here – especially with our new pool, ha, ha. Sorry to keep mentioning it, but you know how pleased we are with it and all our guests are too which is the important thing, of course.

We’ve had lots of return guests recently, many staying for three or four weeks and many of those have booked again for next year. We’re really so lucky that they enjoy their holidays with us as they are all smashing people, they really are. We’ve also had lots of new guests too, just as lovely, and many of those are coming back next year, like Sandra who came on her own and is coming back with her sisters; Katalin came alone this time too, but says she’ll be bringing someone with her on her next visit; Herbert came alone as well and had to extend his visit because he’d hurt his leg in Cambodia – he felt as though he were part of a family here, he said, and would definitely be back; David & Rose who were here with their daughter, Charlene, and her husband, Paul; Estelle & Richard who may bring Estelle’s parents with them next year; Tricia & Peter and Sue & Brian – Sue & Brian were recommended to come here by Margaret & Michael who have been coming here themselves for quite a few years now. Thank you so much, Mr & Mrs M! I’ve a feeling you may be coming back altogether next year, well, according to various rumours, that is.

Thank you very much if you have been kind enough and found the time, of course, to post a review for us onto Trip Advisor, like Peter & Dot, David & Anne, Estelle & Richard, Tricia & Peter, Ronnie & Anne and Hayley, to name but a few. If it’s slipped your mind or you intend to at some point, please do so if you possibly can as it makes such a difference to our business these days. We actually feel our hotel’s nicer now than it was when we were No 1 in Koh Samui, No 2 in Thailand and No 2 in Asia, but more people reviewed then for some reason. Consequently, we are much lower in the ratings these days, but we know in our hearts and from our guests’ comments that it is not a true indication of reality. So, if you could post one for us, it would help get us back up where we belong.

I was going back to the UK on May 1. I then brought this forward to April 1, but now I am winging my back on Monday as my mother is not feeling well and, as she is 89, I feel that I should like to see her and do my best to make her better. Also, our daughter, Charlotte, has been suffering from whiplash for quite a while now and I should like to see her too. These are not the only reasons, of course, I miss them lots and can’t wait to see them! I shall continue my blog from the UK and Robin will keep me informed of everything that’s going on here, so you’ll know what’s happening.

Our new website is coming along. Lots of you will be pleased to know that new photographs were taken a couple of days ago – you’re often saying how our present ones don’t do the hotel justice - and the rest of the website should be finished shortly. So, it will probably be up and running when you next read my blog. Hope you like it. It’s a bit more up-to-date than this one, a few more whistles and bells, so to speak. Oh, and you’ll be able to comment on the blog which is good, or even leave a message for other guests. We thought it would be nice to be a bit more interactive. Gives me an excuse to make sure you haven’t dropped off!

I must say that I have enormously enjoyed seeing you all recently. It’s lovely to chat and really is so heart-warming to hear all your positive comments. I hate to see you go, I really do. But then, I can look forward to seeing you all again next time! So, if you’re thinking of coming for the first or even the tenth time, just send Robin an e-mail and he’ll write straight back with our availability. I think the quickest time it’s taken to complete a booking in the past is twenty minutes, from the guest sending an e-mail enquiry to the guest receiving confirmation of payment. Just think, you could be all booked up in half an hour from now . . .

Last night, there was a live musical event on the beach with a large stage just next to our hotel. We were worried that it would be hugely noisy, but it turned out to be very enjoyable indeed, so I don’t know whether they will think of repeating it at some in the future. There were Thai musicians and singers and they gave us some marvellous jazz, rock and reggae. The stand was cleared away in no time and, this morning, the beach was inspected for any remnants of rubbish. One would never know that anything had happened at all.

Also, last night, Robin and I zipped out for a meal at Barracuda – the restaurant which is currently No 1 on Trip Advisor here. We had to book before, and I think you still do normally because they were certainly very busy, but we managed to scrape in on spec this time after a ten-minute wait, mainly due to the proprietor’s very kind demeanour. We enjoyed an excellent meal – we both had lamb which was superbly cooked and presented and it was tender and succulent. I asked for some fresh fruit to finish, but he suggested a mango soup. I actually don’t like mango as a rule, but he made it sound so inviting that I decided to have it. It was very tasty indeed and I would certainly have it again. The restaurant doesn’t have a view to speak of, but who needs a view when the food speaks for itself. Very enjoyable indeed. The service was excellent and the proprietor made us very welcome. May this restaurant enjoy continued success. Certainly a worthy No 1.

Feeling the tension building now. Watching Norwich play Southampton tonight. We HAVE to do something tonight! Everything’s crossed. Yes, EVERYTHING.

So, when are you coming to see us? Don’t leave it too long, in fact don’t leave it at all. Send Robin that e-mail, or complete the form on the Enquiries page of this website. Easy peasy.

Look after yourselves until the next time.

My very best wishes to you all.

Sue . . .

P.S. Southampton scored a goal after five minutes. Then we survived a very boring game indeed with two further goals from them. Five minutes to go and we scored a goal! Then another one about a minute later, so 3:2! Wow! An exciting game at last! Could we make a draw at least??? No. No chance. They scored again and, at 4:2 to them, we surrendered and returned to the hotel.

Next week, Sunderland at home. I may try to get a ticket. Take care everyone. Hope to see you soon!


Hello everyone from beautifully sunny Samui! We have been full for some time now and everyone has been enjoying themselves and complimenting us on our little hotel. Honestly, we are lost for words in describing the kindness of our guests.

Peter and Trudy from Switzerland have returned for a month – they were here last year. They actually tie in their trip with dental work in Bangkok which they say is excellent; Richie, Nicki and Dylan are back for a fortnight – they were here for Chris and Lamai’s wedding last year as were Simon, Lindsay and Ethan - Simon conducted the ceremony, if you remember; David and Rosie have just left, but already written to book for next year; Kevin and Val left early Thursday morning and said that they’d definitely be back – I think Val would have scooped up every dog on the island if she could; Estelle and Richard say that the hotel ticks every box for them and, when they open their curtains in the morning and see the view, they just sigh with contentment – they think they’re going to bring Estelle’s parents next time; Glyn and Emi are enjoying themselves again, especially with their family, Sally, Paul and Alicia who are also loving it – Glyn and Emi have already booked again for later in the year; Rosie and Steve are soaking up the sunshine again, lovely to see them – they’ve been telling me all about their new home; Len and Shirley have just left, (Shirley had a special birthday while she was here), and I have a feeling that they’ll be back to see us one day too; Michael and Margaret are loving their stay and it’s great to see them again. They’re very good at keeping in touch with past guests and always have lots of news – their friends Sue and Brian will be here soon too and we look forward to meeting them; Dave and Christine have just left, said that they’d had a fantastic time and not to be surprised if we see them back; Stuart and Janice have been going on holiday with Ronnie and Anne for forty years and they’re all here now and loving it too; David and Anne and Alison and Mark will be here in the next few days and we look forward to seeing them again as well.

Trudy told me that I am mentioning the new pool in every blog and here I go again! Just goes to show how pleased I am with it and how much all the guests are enjoying it too. Wish we had done it years ago.

Supee, one of our longest serving room maids, is going up to the north for her son’s wedding shortly. We hope she and Khun Gong, (her partner who also works here as one of our valuable maintenance men), have a wonderful time and that her son will have a long and happy marriage.

We went to Beach Republic last week for Sunday lunch. It was very good indeed. Lots to choose from, but I majored on the Roast Beef which was excellent. As Norwich won 1:0 against Tottenham that evening, (11pm here), Robin thought we should repeat the whole day’s experiences tomorrow so that Norwich will win against Aston Villa. Let us hope he is right and that our Norwich City footballers do us proud. Rather fed up that one of our players is out for six weeks . . .

Very busy Friday Walking Street last night. It really is very popular. I think it’s the best one on the island actually. Our little village of Bophut is so charming and really lends itself to it. A little hive of activity on a Friday though, it reverts to laid-back bohemia the rest of the week. Quite delightful!

All the guests have gone out to sample the delights of the local restaurants and we shall see them later at the bar, no doubt. Why not come to stay too? Just send Robin an e-mail, or complete the form on the Enquiries page of this website and he’ll write straight back with our availability. It could all be booked in no time.

We’d love to see you!

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Hi everyone! How are you today? I’m in fine fettle. All our lovely guests have big smiles on their faces which probably has at least something to do with the constant sunshine.

We’re full just now. Many of our guests are return guests: Peter & Dot, Carol & John, Michael & Maureen, David & Bridget, Looey & Jof, Brian & Mia, David & Veronica and Glyn & Robyn, here with their girls, Ellen & Sarah. It’s rather lovely as some of them have met before, some even many times, and so it’s all even friendlier than usual, if that’s at all possible. Glyn & Emi have just arrived yet again, Michael & Margaret will arrive tomorrow as will Simon, Lindsay & Ethan and Peter & Margaret, then Rosie & Steve will arrive on Monday. It is SO wonderful to welcome back guests who have become dear friends.

The new guests are enjoying their stay too: Len & Shirley, Peter & Tricia who wish to book for next year, the lovely Sandra who has just booked the family suite for three weeks next year, Daniel & Larin, David & Rose who say they’re definitely coming back next year, (Paul & Charlene, their daughter and son-in-law were here for their first week, but they're back again today for lunch, saying that they couldn’t keep away), William & Linda, (Linda does some amazing voluntary nursing work in India), Duane & Jackie, Chris & Daphne, Len & Shirley, David & Christine and Darin, Dennis and family.

We’re pretty full for the next few weeks, but Low Season which starts on May 1 offers a bit of availability. May and June are lovely months and, as the prices here are lower too, it’s certainly worth considering a trip then. You could even stay longer, especially as the flights are probably less expensive too. What have you got to lose?

Having our rooms and gardens sprayed tomorrow. This is a monthly occurrence to keep insects and vermin at bay. The rooms are sprayed around 1pm and then the gardens are sprayed, or ‘fogged’, around 6pm. It doesn’t take long.

We think we’re going to update our website quite soon. So, hopefully, you will log on one day and be mesmerised by your findings. There’ll be new photos too, especially as some guests say that our photos don’t do our hotel justice and that it’s actually far more beautiful that they’d expected. I’ve always been quite happy with that though as I don’t want fantastic photographs and then guests being disappointed when they get here. But realistic photographs is what we’re aiming for, I suppose. Probably a virtual tour too . . .

As you may or may not know, a few years ago we were No 1 on Trip Advisor in Bophut, No 1 in Koh Samui, No 2 in Thailand at one point and even No 2 in Asia, winning trophies two years in a row. We hardly had a space throughout the year. Now we’re around No 8 in Bophut and No 30 in Koh Samui even though we feel that we give an even better service than before, that our hotel is more attractive and our larger, saline swimming pool is much better than the older one. We feel that our hotel has really gone up a notch and are very proud of it indeed. Also, we haven’t raised our prices for five or six years so our prices are excellent.

Guests often say that they prefer the smaller hotels. They say that they feel like a number in the impersonal 5-star hotels and enjoy the warmth of it here. We know that we’re in the privileged position of welcoming guests of all ages, all nationalities and all walks of life. It is indeed an honour and a pleasure. David and Veronica said that, having thanked us in 2006 for a wonderful stay which, unfortunately, they wouldn’t be repeating as they didn’t ever visit the same place twice, yesterday they felt impelled to tell us that, as their eighth visit drew to a close, it had been the best visit ever and that they'd see us again next year. How lovely was that?

So, if you’re wondering whether to come here to stay, wonder no more. If you’re looking for paradise with a personal touch, (I’m thinking of using that slogan for the new website), think no more. Send us an e-mail or complete the booking form on the Enquiries page of this website and Robin will write straight back with our availability.

Thailand is the Land of Smiles. As I said at the beginning, we certainly see a lot of lovely ones here and so very much look forward to seeing yours, hopefully very soon.

Until then, take care of yourselves. And happy Valentine’s Day!!

Best wishes



Hello and how are you? I don’t know what the weather is like with you, but it’s super here . . hot and sunny with a gentle breeze. Everyone is happy and enjoying this little piece of paradise – their words this time, not mine, and their suntans are coming on a treat. The new pool looks really good too, especially with the sun umbrellas. Very pleased we did that.

The Friday Walking Market is still doing well. If you have been before, you will know of the unfinished, well hardly started actually, buildings just along the other side of the street that have been causing somewhat of an eyesore. These are being demolished and a largish area is being prepared especially for the market on Friday Walking Street. Sounds good to me.

Mark and Alison just left, having been here for a month. A month? Seems like a fortnight as it’s just whizzed by. We look forward to seeing them again next year. Carol and John are here again for a month too as are Peter and Dot – lovely to see them all again. David and Veronica have arrived again as have Gary and Sarah, Bryan and Mia and it’s great to see them all too.

Norwich drew 0:0 with Newcastle on Tuesday which we watched from 2.45am on our office computers. It was a boring match with an acceptable result in the end. We were in bed around 5am that morning. Amazingly, we had been to bed at a similar time the night before too as, around 1.30am, we thought we’d start watching Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street and, just over three hours later, we crawled into bed. When will we ever learn? Today, Norwich play Cardiff. Glyn, who’s coming again soon with Emi, is a Cardiff supporter and he’s written to say that whoever loses should pay for the first drink at the bar. I so hope it’s him! Sorry, Glyn!

Our 11-year old daughter who moved out here with us 10 and a half years ago was 22 on Saturday. She was due to meet Joey Essex, (a TV personality), on the evening of her birthday as he was making a guest appearance in a Norwich nightclub. We all thought that she was on a special guest list, but nobody seemed to know about it or her on the night and she waited for over three hours for a glimpse of about one second. She was really disappointed, especially as she felt that she had wasted hours of her birthday just waiting when she could have been enjoying herself with her friends. She made up for it last night with a great night out, I’m pleased to say, and I’m sure there’ll be many more too. I very much looking forward to seeing her again on my next visit to the UK.

Michael has been renting his car quite a bit recently and has also started a tour around the island. So, if you need a car with good insurance that’s comfortable and easy to drive, (a baby seat is available too), or don’t want to drive, but would still like to be shown around the island by someone who can speak good Thai and good English, then he’s your man. He also has a motorbike for rent. Michael’s family are doing well with the laundry which they’ve been doing for two months now, in fact Carol said that she thought the laundry looked better than ever. Also, Michael’s daughter, Salina, is having her tonsils and possibly adenoids removed in a couple of weeks at Bangkok Samui hospital. Apparently, they’re enormous, so she should feel much better after that. She’s not four until April though! Hope she’ll be okay.

Lamai is back from maternity leave and Bla has come back to us again, so two lovely girls back on reception and it’s great to have them here once more.

So, Bophut is fine, Koh Samui is fine and we’re all fine. We hope that you’ll come to see us soon. Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates, or go onto Enquiries on this website, and he’ll write straight back with our availability. We’d love to see you!

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.



Hello! How are you? Slipping comfortably into 2014, I hope.

We’ve been busy here with lots of fantastic guests coming and going, but we never feel full because we are lucky with our wide frontage looking out to the beach, sea and outlying islands. There are plenty of sun beds, chairs and footstools to sink into and the bar, new pool and restaurant are just a stone’s throw away. Our happy staff are also on hand to bring you whatever you wish, whenever you wish. Mmmmm! Sounds perfect? Come and see for yourself.

Hayley, Kev and Tain have left, as have James and Carla and Sue and Simon, but they are all coming back yet again next Christmas and New Year with extended family. Nicole and Billy are still here and they’ll probably be back too, as usual. Mark and Alison have arrived for nearly a month and are already planning another month next January and Mark celebrated a birthday a couple of days ago. So, you see, there must something to enjoy at our little hotel. Why not come and have a look for yourself? We’d love to see you.

Not only do we have Cooking’s son here, Khun Or, but we now have her grandson, Khun Or’s son, Khun At. He is our night guard and we are keeping our reception staff on until around midnight to serve drinks. Khun At always has a ready smile and we are pleased to welcome him onto our team.

Just a little nugget of advice for any guests who have Middle Eastern currencies: you would be wise to change your currency into US dollars in the Middle East as the exchange rate here is appalling.

Lots of recent guests have fallen in love with a local dog who has been named Lucy and heavy hints have been dropped about our taking her on. However, we have little Leo to look after and, even more than that, we have lost four dogs in ten years and really can’t go through the upset of perhaps losing another. Lucy is a street dog and, as such, an independent little lady who will go off and do her own thing at times and return as and when she feels like it, probably hurt and needing attention. She really is a lovely little thing. I could easily fall in love with her. I daren’t do it again though. Consequently, Khun Or has decided to take her on and she will be going home with him tonight. I hope she will be happy in her new home. She deserves it. And I thank all the guests who have shown her such love and attention. I can always let you know how she is getting on.

We are so pleased with our new pool. It really seems to have raised the whole place up a notch and the sun umbrellas look good too. So that was a worthwhile exercise and we were lucky to have it finished before any rains came. Phew!

A quick football update: Norwich lost the last two games, but we are crossing everything to beat Hull at home on Saturday. I thought watching football was supposed to be enjoyable, but actually the tension is unbelievable. How on earth do the managers feel?

As well as having clothes made here, one or two guests have been having favourite garments copied and I had a shirt copied today. Everyone has been very pleased and if, like me, you can never seem to find anything you like in the shops at home or abroad, this is an excellent alternative. Another thing to do whilst here is to have all your clothes laundered before you go home. It’s not expensive at all, (we don’t charge by the piece, but by the kilo), and it saves that ghastly exercise of laundering away all those holiday memories on your return. All you have to do is to put everything away, neat and clean, ready for the next trip. Much, much better if you ask me. I used to hate that part of the holiday.

It’s been hot and sunny here of late. A little bit windy today, but still marvellous. Cold where you are? Just tell them at work that you’re going on holiday and come out to see us. If you’re retired, just what are you waiting for? Certainly not Christmas, surely. Due to a cancellation, we have a family suite available until the end of the month. Then we have a little bit of availability over the next few weeks and a little bit more in March and April.

So, hope to see you soon and, until then, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all!!! May it be filled with health and happiness – and a jolly good holiday at the Waterfront!

We’ve had lots of lovely, happy guests: Ken and Janet from near Aberdeen, here meeting their son, Mark, and his wife, Christina, and the grandchildren, Cameron, Iona and Shea, who live in Australia; Wolfgang and Barberina here from Vienna who walked in last year, loved it and booked straightaway for this year; Hayley, Kev & Tain from the UK – Hayley was here earlier this year and used to visit us many years on the trot with her son, Tain, when he was a little boy; David, who lives in Bangkok, is here with his brother, Andy and his family, Pam, Andy, Robbie, Jamie & Cassie from Scotland - all here at the recommendation of Bobby from Dreamers in Bangrak, a great place to enjoy a drink, meal, swim or many of the special events held there; Chris, Mandy, Toby and Cameron, originally from the UK, who live in Kenya just now, are here for the second time; Pam and Andrew, on choosing their honeymoon destination, couldn’t think of anywhere nicer to stay and so here they are back yet again; Carla and James, from near Johannesburg, are also here on honeymoon, probably because Carla’s brother was here for the same reason two years ago and loved it and they’re all going to be part of a big family reunion here next year; Catherine & Joanne from the UK, Anne-Jorid from Norway here with Lars from Sweden; Anton and Leisha from Capetown; Anna from Russia here with her mother and son; Sue and Simon here from the UK for, it must be the eighth time and it’s always lovely to see them; Gail, Alex, Jordan, Summer from Scotland, are here to see Tom and Cherrelle who have been staying at our Waterfront Apartments just across the street; Andre, Noy and Hudson are here with Chris, Jasmine and Tommy; Max and Katherine and here from Australia with little Lunar; Julie is here from from Russia; Billy and Nicole are here yet again from the UK and it’s just a pleasure welcoming all these lovely guests from all over the world.

Most of us met for a Buck’s Fizz on Christmas Day and then gently sauntered along the street to Classico for a traditional Christmas lunch where we all had our own family tables, but enjoyed the congenial Christmas atmosphere together. Not too much drinking has been taking place at the hotel bar of late because we’ve been having a north-easterly wind for a couple of weeks. Although Robin is getting a bit fed up with it, it does clear the cobwebs away!

Should guests need any extra encouragement to come out to stay, the Baht is currently at a 4-year high at 53 Baht to the Pound and the Euro and US Dollar are similarly strong just now. So that’s great!

Have just heard from Paul and Jan. I’ve often mentioned them to you. They stayed twice last year. Well, not only have they booked for April this year, they have just booked for July and August too. They love it here and feel it’s the ideal spot to unwind, which they do . . . until they become ‘Samuied’ , remember? Mark and Alison will be here next week and are staying a month – they came last year and immediately booked for this year. Pete and Dot are coming back in around two to three weeks and are also staying about a month. They’re the ones who called on me earlier in the year whilst they were in Norwich. Carol and John are back yet again soon after that, also for about a month. Gary and Sarah are coming back too, then a bit later we’ll see David and Bridget, David and Rose, Michael & Maureen, Glyn & Emi, Michael and Margaret, Steve and Rosie, Glenn and Robyn, David and Veronica, Jonathan and Lucy, Kathryn and Steve, Simon, Lindsay and Nathan, Ritchie, Nicole and Dylan and lots, lots more. We look forward to seeing them all again.

If the bars think it’s important enough to show, we’re hoping to watch Norwich play this evening against Crystal Palace and Robin says that he’d settle for a point. He said that last time, but it didn’t happen, so I really hope it will this week or, better still, a win would be great!

So, the festivities are over and we are all looking to the future. A good time to think of holidays perhaps? Why not come and stay with us? We’d love to see you! Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates or fill in the form on the Enquiries page of this website and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Until the next time, enjoy yourselves!

Best wishes



Hello everyone! Gearing up for the big day? Or are you not a Christmas person? I’ve sent out my e-mails today re our Christmas Luncheon which will be at Classico restaurant again this year and they promise an excellent meal of turkey and all the trimmings. Robin and I couldn’t agree on whether we should actually have turkey on the menu or not, but he won in the end.

As I hope Norwich will against Swansea tomorrow!! Having won 2:0 against West Bromwich Albion, lost 5:1 against Liverpool and won 1:0 against Crystal Palace, we are holding on in there, but need some more wins! Robin’s just gone to watch Manchester City versus Arsenal.

As some of you will know, we have just built a new pool and Ken, here with Janet and family, has just said on his way out to dinner, ‘love your pool, by the way – it’s great!’ which was music to our ears.

A few nights ago, we decided to eat a pizza at Classico. As we were sitting there, the heavens opened and it poured and poured and poured. The street became flooded and Abby, the manageress there, said that she knew where the outlet pipe was on the beach and that it was blocked by sand because of recent high tides. So, we rang Khun Sim, our night guard, and asked him to bring a shovel as Robin was going to brave the rain which was still pouring and pouring and clear the pipe. No, said Abby, she would clear the pipe. No, said the chef, he would clear the pipe. I was certainly not going to clear the pipe and was instructed to go back to the hotel in the car with Sim. By the time I arrived back, probably five minutes later at the most, Robin was on the phone. Neither he nor Abby had cleared it, the chef had. He’d only been digging for about three minutes when there was a huge gush of water and the street was clear. Ahh! The wonders of Samui.

We have four sun umbrellas now and they will probably go up tomorrow. We were having them around the pool, but it looks so open there now, it seems a shame to put them up there. We think we may put them on the beach. We shall see.

Saw little Dan again yesterday, Chris & Lamai’s baby son. He was really smiling! His dad looked at me with exactly the same look at exactly the same time – two peas in a pod.

Khun Bla who left us a couple of years ago is coming back again on Monday. I’m sure you will remember her. Always smiling, excellent English and a welcome addition to our team. No doubt Glyn & Emi, two of our lovely returning guests, will be pleased to hear this as they have become good friends over the years.

I have only decorated in a very subtle way this year. Three very small Christmas trees, with the odd pine cone, bow and cherry on them, in terracotta pots. No lights. There are plenty of trees and decorations along the street and, with our lovely Christmas meal planned, I feel it will be quite adequate.

May I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a very, very merry Christmas. If your thoughts turn to holidays at all, don’t hesitate in sending us an e-mail. We’ll write straight back with our availability and you could be here in no time.

Now that would be a good Christmas present for someone special . . . .

Take care and don’t eat too much!



A very good day to you all. I hope you are looking forward to the festive season which will be upon us in no time. If you are coming to stay with us, we very much look forward to seeing you. If you are not, may I suggest that you start planning your next holiday so that we shall see you too?

The pool is a real success. Everyone is saying how much they love it. My swimsuit is gathering cobwebs, however, as I don’t like to frighten the guests away so I have not even ventured a toe to test the temperature. How silly am I? I came out here for a new life, to live on a tropical island and to be a lotus-eater. What do I do? Spend hours on the computer with not a smidgeon of a suntan. Good working conditions though!

We’ve had some interesting storms, some very heavy rain and some beautiful sunshine too. Actually, I enjoy the storms and the wind and the rain – I find it all so invigorating. I do realise, however, that the holidaymakers like to see the sun as much as I did when taking trips to Thailand, but it is sunny here most of the year so they’re not often disappointed. We’re very lucky indeed with this climate.

Should the tension in Bangkok build to a crescendo,(the jury is out on this though), we suggest that you do not stay in Bangkok, but fly straight to Samui and you will be none the wiser. We hope that the situation will settle down soon and that an amicable agreement will be reached. If you do go to the city, I suggest you leave your red or yellow shirt at home . . .

Robin, Michael and I watched Crystal Palace against Norwich City last night, (10pm kick-off here). Obviously, everything possible was crossed and we managed to scrape through 1:0. Phew! It was a real pleasure seeing a smile on Chris Hughton’s face, however fleetingly. We were in the Emerald Bar in the village where we enjoyed a Steak & Guinness Pie – scrumptious! The next match is against Liverpool on Wednesday with a 3.00am Thursday kick-off here. Yes, we shall be there, probably in Chaweng at the Islander Bar & Restaurant, and shall be sporting a hugely positive attitude to the event . . . help!!

Bought myself a new iphone 5S this week. Love it. Bought a speaker dock too. Love it.

Have ordered a sun umbrella for the pool. Only one to start with to see how good it is and if it actually works well here, especially when the odd gust of wind presents itself. If all goes well, then we’ll order a few more.

Today, Michael’s Thai girlfriend and her mother have started doing our hotel laundry,(not the guest or Waterfront Apartment laundry, as yet). Michael has been asking for some time if they could do this and, at last, we decided to do something about it as we thought it would be good for the family and ultimately for Michael and his little girl, Salina, too. He and his girls moved into their own private living area at the mother’s new abode yesterday which is only around the corner. The laundry will be based there too so, unless Michael is needed at the hotel, he will be able to pick up and deliver every day around 1pm, his girlfriend will be there to work in the laundry without having to go out to work elsewhere and there will always be someone on hand to pick up little Salina from school and to look after her at home. Was just over in the storeroom helping our room maids and Michael get to grips with my paperwork and, before he loaded the spanking new laundry bags onto the back of his car, his face suddenly lit up and he joked that he was worn out already! We shall see how this new arrangement transpires, but I feel very happy and confident about it. Michael is really chuffed. If it doesn’t work out one day, you may just have to sleep on a hammock . . .

December 1. Goodness me! I shan’t bore you with tempus fugit, etc, but it does though, doesn’t it??

You may like to know that Dan, the son of Chris and Lamai, is doing superbly. I saw him a few weeks ago, as I said in another posting, but Chris showed me a new photo a few days ago and he looks really happy, healthy and loved – and so resembles both of them. Jokingly, I did ask Chris whether they should be thinking of having another little one so that Dan had someone to play with but, without even pausing for breath and with blue eyes as wide as saucers, he said that he really didn’t think he’d have the energy! Ha, ha! He does look SO proud though and quite rightly so. Hope to see little Dan, or Danny, sometime soon.

Hayley is coming back again at Christmas with her son, Tain, and her partner, Kev. Really looking forward to seeing them. They were so kind to both Charlotte and I went we went to see them in the UK in April. Hayley has a heart of gold and so, not surprisingly, she is hoping to bring a little girl with them who recently lost her dad when he had a fatal heart attack. She only had one parent at the time so is going through a really rough time. Hayley often has her around to her home for slap-up meals and quality time and Tain is a great friend, I’m sure. But BA are wanting 4,000 pounds for her aircraft seat, (sorry, no pound sign on this keyboard), and Hayley is trying very hard to raise the funds to realise this project. She is on Facebook, (Hayley Hunt), so if you wished to find out more, had any ideas of whom to approach or felt inclined to contribute in any way, I know this would be extremely appreciated.

I know I should practise what I preach, but I do think YOU should shake those cobwebs from your swimsuit and come out to see us. You can forget the computer, (not many people can though, it seems we have to be consistently logged on), and just try to r-e-l-a-x. Become ‘ Samuied’, as Paul and Jan so often say, (how are you both, by the way? Not working too hard, I hope). Actually, Robin and I had a body massage around midnight last night. It was divine. Just a body massage now, stop it. We were so tense from the football, something radical had to be done. But YOU could have one too AND be lotus-eating . . send us an e-mail with your prospective dates, or go on the Enquiries page of this website and Robin will reply to you without delay, unless there’s no internet which there wasn’t for quite a few hours yesterday – a tactical move by those in authority whilst the demonstrations were on in Bangkok.

Jeanette and Gordon just popped in with their friends. They stayed with us some years ago and wanted to stay again this time. Unfortunately, they went onto ‘our’ website and our availability was only one room, when they actually wanted two. I must emphasize that we do not show availability on our website. We like to build up a relationship by e-mail, you know the personal touch that seems to be gradually retiring into obscurity? We do use agents sometimes, (very rarely before the recession), and it is such a headache keeping their websites up-to-date, minute by minute, although that is one of the reasons I spend so much time on the computer. Also, we do not give them total availability either, so it is always worth coming to us direct. I certainly remembered Jeanette and Gordon, lovely couple. And they loved our pool too.

I shall only be writing to you once again before Christmas, so take good care of yourselves and come and see us soon.

My very best wishes to you all.



Hello again! Gosh, these weeks fly by!

We’re experiencing marvellous weather for this time of the year. If you’re not here, you really are missing out. We’re taking advantage of it by painting and varnishing as much as we can so that all the main work is done if and when the monsoon starts. Maybe it won’t this year. Or perhaps it will only visit us for a very short time. As long as it doesn’t come at Christmas and the New Year . . . we want our guests to really enjoy our new pool in the sunshine.

Richard and Tricia came to stay a few days ago and it was lovely to see them. We hadn’t actually seen Richard for twenty five years and hadn't even met Tricia before, so there was a great deal to catch up on. The second part of their holiday was in a villa and they invited us to join them one evening which we did. It was rather grand with fantastic views and it was a real treat. We enjoyed a marvellous steak dinner cooked by the staff there and we are returning the favour this evening at Classico, one of the best restaurants in the village which has recently been refurbished, changed its menu and installed a pizza oven too, so lots to choose from. We’re very much looking forward to it. Actually, for the past year, Richard and Tricia have been running a boutique hotel/restaurant/bar in Singapore called Rabbit Carrot Gun which is doing very well indeed and we wish them continued success. Should you wish to stay in Singapore at all, I would heartily recommend that you stay there – it looks great on their website – www. rabbit-carrot-gun.com – and I bet that they’re marvellous hosts. We have promised ourselves a trip there at some stage, though when that will be I have no idea. Let’s hope it will be soon, although it is rather hard to leave paradise . . .

We’ve had a cancellation for Christmas. The poor guests have had some unfortunate experiences of late and, though they desperately wanted to come and stay, they really could not. They had booked two rooms, both very nice, each with a king size bed, one the pool side of the hotel and one the garden side. If any of you feel the urge to come and stay for the festive period, we are looking for at least a seven-night booking in one or the two rooms. It will be on a first come, first served basis, of course, though I wish you could all come to stay! Just send Robin an e-mail on robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or go on the enquiries page of this website.

Lots of good remarks about the pool, in fact many people feel as though it has been here for years as it fits in so well. We’re very pleased and hope you will be too.

That’s when you come here, of course. Get your diary out now and organise something. Send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

We’ll be waiting for you . . .

Until the next time, take very good care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Hi there!

Well, the pool is finished! Can you believe it? It looks great. Just wondering whether to expand the sunbathing area even more at the sides just now. I think we should, Robin thinks it's fine as it is. We'll give it a few more days before we definitely decide. But we are so pleased with the pool, we really are, and we hope that you will be too.

All the staff are back now as well and they're busying themselves by making sure that everything around is in tip-top condition. We even have some guests here as we didn't need to close for as long as we originally thought and it's great to see everyone again.

So, Steve and Rosie have booked at last! We look forward to seeing them again in February when Pete & Dot are here and we look forward to seeing them again too. Lots of return guests will be here then and we can't wait. Not that we don't look forward to seeing new guests - we definitely do and it's always so interesting and such fun to meet them - but it's obviously always great to see old friends which guests become, of course, especially when they've been to stay so many times.

The Waterfront Apartments are going well, in fact they're full just now so we're very pleased indeed that we decided to take them on. The people staying there are mostly long-term and a great bunch so they're often popping in to say hello.

What more could we wish for? Surrounded by great people and lucky enough to be welcoming more all the time, living in paradise with great weather most of the year . . . why don't you come and join us? Be it for a day, a week, a month or more, we'd love to see you. Give it some thought. Send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates to robin@thewaterfrontbophut.com or complete the form on the bookings page here and he'll write straight back with our availability.

Then you can tell me what you think of our pool, our hotel and our charming village of Bophut.

Take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Hi everyone! Hope I find you in fine fettle!

We have been closed for a couple of weeks as the old pool is no more and the new pool is taking shape. Our builders are doing a fantastic job and we think that the work will probably be finished before the expected date, although we don't wish to tempt fate so are keeping everything crossed. It should be fantastic when it's finished and make such a difference to the swimming experience. We hope so anyway. Can't decide yet whether to replace all the plants around the pool, (I do love gardens), or whether to leave it more open so that it's easier to see the pool, the beach and the sea with one sweep of the eye. It seems more spacious that way. We shall see.

Anne and Dave were a bit worried about the Bophut water park I mentioned in my last notes, but I wrote back to them to tell them not to worry. It's not a gigantic water park with lots of huge equipment over a huge area, it's a small area in the sea just outside Starfish & Coffee with a few inflatables which is open only during the day. The beach is usually very quiet during the day too as very few people sunbathe along there and, if diners are enjoying lunch in the restaurants, I can't see that it would be a disruptive problem at all - probably enjoyable to watch actually.

One or two people have asked me to post photos on the website and I am hoping to be doing this in the near future, in fact we are thinking of updating our website altogether which will make all these sorts of things much easier.

The staff are enjoying lots of time off although we are keeping a skeleton team to keep the hotel generally clean and, when the pool is finished, our girls and boys will be back again. I must say that it's very quiet here without them! When they return, they'll check that everything is in tip-top condition so that we can have business as usual. I am really looking forward to seeing our new pool in use and I hope you all like it too.

Have you organised your next holiday? If you haven't, why not come and stay with us? I'm sure you'd enjoy it. Just send Robin an e-mail or click onto the bookings page on this website with your prospective dates and he'll reply in no time at all with our availability.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes 01.10.’13

Hello! Hope you are all well and happy.

October? Can it really be? And Christmas is just around the corner too. I shall be writing to our Christmas guests in a few weeks to ask them if they would like to join us for a celebratory meal.

We’ve decided to enlarge our pool. I know, I know, it has taken some time to come to this decision and we nearly did it around five years ago, but it’s definitely going to happen now. We are enlarging it to 12m x 6m, with 2m of sand wash at the longer sides for sunbathing and 1m at one short side, the bar being about 2.5m back from the other short side. There’ll also be three steps the full width of the pool at the shallow end so parents can sit and enjoy it there with their young children as well as teach them to swim in the 1m depth which will take up 3m of the pool and the more serene swimmer will be able to take a relaxed swim further along the pool where it will be gradually descending to 1.6m at the deepest part. There’ll also be 15cm around the edge at the deeper part so that swimmers can take a rest, if required. This pool will be quite a substantial size for our rooms and we are hoping to have it completed by the end of the month, although it may go on a little longer if the weather changes. We may even stretch to a few sun umbrellas, you never know, though we have tried them in the past and the odd gush of wind can make them dangerous to guests, but we shall do our best to rectify that situation.

Due to family commitments, Khun Fon has left after many years with us and we miss her little face very much. Khun Lamai came in on Saturday with her new son, Daniel, and her new husband, Chris, of course. Lamai looked radiant, Chris looked proud and little Dan looked as though he’d seen it all before – you know the look I mean. I even held him for a little while. Lamai is returning to work in January.

We are going to call our new acquisition The Waterfront Apartments and we are working hard on all the new admin required for this new project. There are six self-contained apartments there for rent either nightly, weekly, monthly or long-term. Very spacious accommodation, but not on the waterfront like here, of course.

We ‘ve popped into Dreamers again a few times, the venue in Bangrak where you can eat, swim or enjoy drinks and they’re getting busier and busier. I am so pleased for them as it’s a great place to go. They had a fashion show there last evening for Island Girls, a super boutique not far away, and it was very successful.

A new little water park has opened on the beach in Bophut which has lots of inflatables and it should be a great place to take your children or to have some fun yourselves. We’ll be interested to see how it goes and I look forward to hearing what our guests say about it too.

Classico, an excellent restaurant in the village, is making some changes too. A pizza oven is being installed shortly and their menu will be even more delicious that it was before, it that’s possible!

So, although our charming village of Bophut is just as wonderful as before, there are always improvements being made and we look forward to welcoming you. Why not send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Eat, drink and be merry . . . we can offer all of that, and more.

Take care, until the next time.

Very best wishes



Hello there! How are you all? We're all fantastic and I hope you are too.

Have had some great guests here, as usual. Have three rooms of Japanese guests just now and they're absolutely super people. They're very much enjoying the hotel, in fact they've extended their stay and we're really enjoying having them here too. We've had quite a few Japanese over the years and most of them return again and again. I find them to be a very gracious race with a great sense of humour. Just the perfect guests, in fact!

Following the tragic news of Roy, the owner of the apartment block opposite us who died in a motorbike accident recently, his parents came over to the island quite soon afterwards to sort out his effects and to organise the future of his assets. We were very, very sad to see the demise of poor Roy and were very surprised and touched indeed to think that his family wanted to give us first refusal on taking over the apartment block, formerly known as Fisherman's Village Condos. After serious discussion, Robin and I decided that we would take it over and, after various changes and upgrading, this will probably be known as Waterfront 2. It will be operated in a slightly different way to our hotel rooms and various facilities will be different too. I shall let you know more about this development as and when we know ourselves. To think that we shall be able to welcome more of you fills me with delight and we are both very excited about this new venture.

So, Norwich City play Tottenham this afternoon. At least Bale won't be against us as he'll be too busy making his debut for Real Madrid, thank goodness. Even though our opposition may not have their team quite together just yet, they are worth millions of pounds and one hopes that they don't find their form against Norwich today. Come on Norwich! Letsbe Avenue! Sorry about the short foray into football. This is a new side of my character brought out by the promotion of Norwich into the Premier Division two seasons ago. I was so proud of my city that I have hardly missed a match since.

Football aside, have you thought about your next holiday? Give it some serious thought and let Koh Samui bubble to the surface, Bophut in particular and, even better, The Waterfront. We'd love to see you, whether you've never been or whether you've been lots of times. Send Robin an e-mail and he'll write straight back with our availability. It could be booked in no time at all.

Until the next time, look after yourselves and my very best wishes to you all.



Hello! Is it really two weeks since my last posting? This life just flies by, doesn't it?

It's been busy here with lots of lovely guests coming and going. The feedback has been extremely positive with many return bookings being made too. How lovely!

Why come to stay at our little hotel? Because it has only eighteen rooms, is right at the beach with a superb view of the outlying islands, it's always clean and in tip-top condition, generally quiet, has very friendly and helpful staff, (many of whom have been with us for years), has many amenities that a five-star offers, (but not at five-star prices), you're treated as an important and valued guest here and not as an impersonal number which you may have experienced before in larger hotels, you're picked up from and taken back to the airport free of charge as well as being given a complimentary beer, glass of wine, gin and tonic or something similar on arrival, you're able to have a proper English breakfast cooked to order until 11am, (included in your room rate), great food all day until 6.30pm, free internet is available as well as free wi-fi all over the hotel, we've a good and inexpensive laundry service which is worthwhile taking advantage of before you return home so that you can put your clean clothes straight into your wardrobe for your next trip, (that's certainly worth considering), great massages and manicures/pedicures are available AND a bar that stays open until late. Robin and I live at the hotel so are here most of the time to chat, often socialise at the bar, answer questions, help you and assure you, but not to overwhelm you or encroach on your privacy. In a nutshell, you'll have everything at your fingertips and at a fair price too. Oh, and our weather is great most of the year, we're steps away from excellent restaurants for dinner in our charming village of Bophut, (the jewel in the crown of Samui, we always say), with a Friday Walking Street that guests love and even book their holidays around sometimes - ring any bells, Emi??

So, when are you coming to see us? Give it some thought and send Robin an e-mail. He'll write straight back with our availability and it can all be organised in no time.

Goodness me! I forgot to mention the most important ingredient of all. Our guests. You'll meet them when you come and, whether they've been here before or are on their first visit, I guarantee you'll be impressed. We always seem to get the best ones here! Of course, you don't have to chat to anyone at all - that's up to you - but you'll miss out on the great friendly atmosphere that so many of our guests love. Don't get the wrong idea, it's not a constant party, no, not at all. Our guests love the peaceful surroundings. It's just a small hotel where you can settle in and feel at home straightaway.

See you soon? I really hope so.

Take very good care of yourselves and, as usual, I'll write again in a couple of weeks.

Very best wishes



Hello again! I hope I find you in good spirits and enjoying life. 'One life, live it' are words that are so true, don't you think? I am going to try to make them my motto. Anyone care to join me?

So, we've been living this life for ten years now. We left England on 6 August 2003 and arrived on 7 August. Cooking, Carol,Serm and Yen were our first staff members and they're still with us. Supee followed shortly after that as did Lamai and Fon, all still with us too, and there have been other wonderful girls and boys who stayed with us for years, but had to leave mainly because their family wanted them to go back to the mainland. Of course, we lost poor Banjon, our barman and security guard, in a motorbike accident after four years and we still miss and talk about him often; Mark, Serm's brother, was with us for eight years and had to leave to help his mother earlier this year after his father's death; Nom, his other sister, had been here for about five years and had also left when their father became ill; Busadee, Fon's aunt, was a masseuse and room maid and was with us for about five years before moving away with her daughter, Op, who had done the same work and who had been with us for a similar time; Pim, a lovely, vibrant personality on reception, was with us for four years and left to return to the mainland; Raine, her old friend and one of our lovely, bubbly receptionists, has been with us for five years and her partner, Joe, was with us for two years; Mau, in the kitchen, has been with us for four years; Pa, a delightful masseuse and room maid has been with us for three years, as has her husband, Lot, and Cooking's son, Or, has been with us for a year and a half as has Kung, Supee's partner. Som, a room maid, came earlier this year, and is a really lovely lady who we hope will also stay with us for a long time too.

Lamai is leaving on Friday, well just for maternity leave. She is having a Caesarian at some stage after that and we are all getting excited for her and for Chris who is really getting into the father role – he's becoming very impressive indeed! We wish them much happiness and look forward to seeing their beautiful little baby.

We often have wedding guests staying here who wish that their other wedding guests could have stayed here too, especially when those other guests visit and love it. It is worth remembering that we have eighteen rooms and it's possible to hire the whole hotel at attractive rates so that all your guests can be together. This makes the stay far more personal for you and for your guests too. Our environment lends itself to a private party. We are situated right at the beach with a fantastic view of the sea and outlying islands, we have a garden area, a pool area and an open, round bar between the two with a super decking area almost on the beach where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or early supper. As there are so many great restaurants just steps away in our charming village of Bophut, we don't have an evening restaurant after 6.30pm, but should be quite happy to organise hot, evening buffets and a great party atmosphere, when required. We and our staff would be on hand to plan, organise and deliver any requests that you may have and be delighted to do so too. Give it some thought. Whether you have a wedding on the island, a birthday to celebrate, an anniversary, a family reunion . . . staying with us will make it a holiday to remember.

Another anniversary for me is that I have been writing this blog every two weeks for six years. I am always surprised and delighted when guests arrive and discuss with me something that I have written about here. Some guests who've never even been here before rush up to hug and kiss me because they feel they know me already. People never fail to surprise me. There is such a lot of good in such a lot of people.

Of course, now and again, guests do find fault with us. Recently, a couple of reviewers on Trip Advisor found Robin to be unhelpful and rude. Robin does so much and always goes that one step further for our guests, so I was amazed to read these comments, especially when he had immediately helped the guest's mother while she was ill. Also, I was spied walking to and from my room without going over to speak to her, apparently. She did not say that I was actually walking to and from the hotel to work where I am most of the day, every day. I admit that I hadn't spoken to these guests very much as I had a heavy workload at that time and felt that Robin, Michael and 15 staff would be able to deal with their requests whilst I got on with it. Also, they had been out of the hotel such a lot during the day and during the evening and, unless our times synchronise and we are at the bar at the same time, in reception or approached in the office, I do not go out of my way to intervene in a guest's privacy. I used to go around to the rooms and walk around the gardens and pool on a daily basis, but have found that this is not necessary or even appreciated. We are on site most of the time, are approachable, extremely helpful and socialise with our guests to a great extent, so feel that we don't want to go over the top, so to speak. We know of no other hotel on the island that offers such a personal service, in fact many guests have told us that they've never known of another hotel, anywhere! If I haven't spoken to you when you come to our little hotel, and that is very rare I might add because I love to chat, do come and say hello – I should love it!

Well, I shan't keep you any more today. I should love to see you here, however. Why not come and see us soon? Just send Robin an e-mail with your prospective dates and he'll write straight back with our availability.

Then you can see why we have so many return guests who do love it here and can then become one yourself.

Take very good care of yourselves. One life, live it. Don't forget.

Best wishes



Hello everyone! How lovely to be speaking to you again! It gives me such a warm feeling to know that lots of you read these notes every two weeks so that you can keep up with the comings and goings of our little hotel.

We’ve had some smashing people here like David Chandler and his family who took up three rooms, Antony who works in Bangkok and who was recommended to stay with us by Kenny, a very popular guest of ours who has also stayed several times with his sister and parents, and then Alan, Christine and Kieran - yet another lovely family. All the best with your studies, Kieran!

We’ve had Tom, Sue, Billy and Liz here again. They said that they’d had a great time and would definitely be back next year. I’m reading your book, The Woman He Loved Before, Sue, and enjoying it very much. Hope you’re enjoying your little grandson – he sounds and looks marvellous – and hope the christening went well. We’ve also had Chris, Debs, Connie and Grace yet again and, whilst they were here, Connie celebrated her 18th birthday. They all decided to hold a party at the hotel which went swimmingly, not literally thankfully, although I think it was a pretty near thing. Peter and Sharon accompanied them this time and they loved the whole experience too, so we hope to see them in the future as well. Peter was originally from Norwich so there was a lot of chat about that part of the world. Paul and Jan are back again too, even for the second time this year, and it has been a pleasure seeing them. They brought my magazine and, again, would not let me pay for it. They also brought a Sunday Telegraph which we devoured. We haven’t been able to get the Telegraph here for a while - we've had to take the Times instead - and we’ve never been able to get the weekend supplements so it was a real treat. They've been having lots of chats with Glyn and Emi, also big returnees and also a lovely couple. Glyn’s daughter and family are going to join them next time too. Also Suzanne, Paul, Nathan and Holly are back again – you know it’s so fantastic when our guests come back to see us. To know that we are able to provide a happy holiday for such lovely people and that they enjoy it so much that they want to repeat the experience again and again is such a marvellous feeling. Thank you all so much!

We’ve had lots of sunshine, but quite a bit of rain too which hasn’t been perfect. We always feel so sad for the guests if the weather isn’t 100%, but they're still sporting suntans so it couldn’t have been too bad, especially if they’re talking about coming back next year!

Lots of guests have been asking on arrival about Little Leo, our Yorkshire Terrier. Well, he is much fitter again now and is looking very smart as I gave him a haircut the other day. Also, because we have been busy, Robin and I have been moving from room to room and even had to move out of the hotel last week, but our own apartment will be ready for us again later today. We lived on site in the early days, then moved off site for about four and a half years and have been back again for nearly two years now. Being able to get to work in a flash and home in a moment makes life so much easier. I love our apartment, but that Honeymoon Room/Superior Room is super. If you get the opportunity to stay in it, I should take it. It’s not very much more expensive than a normal room, but has a picture window with a view of the outlying islands as well as twin showers, twin basins and a lovely private area outside which is only steps from the beach. I’d be quite happy to live there. I know lots of you love the room and try to book it if you can and I totally agree. You certainly don’t need to be on honeymoon!

So we have yet another future King of England, little George. How marvellous! What an eventful year it has been! We’ve had lots of good sport too. Cricket starts again on Thursday, so I’ll be there supporting our team. Then we have football too and you know l’m quite a convert these days. I am very pleased to say that there’s always something going on and lots to look forward to.

Have you lots to look forward to? If you haven’t booked your next holiday, why not spend it at our little hotel? We’d love to see you. Just write to Robin with your prospective dates and he’ll write straight back with our availability then you can go online for the best deals on airfares. It really is that simple. Don't forget that we pick you up from Samui airport too. Definitely fly to Koh Samui though - don't fly to Suratthani airport as it's on the mainland and involves hours of unnecessary travel. We definitely don't pick up from there!

Give it some thought. Some serious thought. But don’t take too long – especially if you’d like to stay in the Honeymoon Room . . .

Until the next time, take good care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Hello everyone! Hope you are well and enjoying life.

We’ve been quite busy here with Stig and his 60th birthday celebrations. He brought five other rooms with him and Torill this year and they really enjoyed themselves. Last Monday, they had a party here and Cooking pulled out the stops and provided some very tasty food and there was a birthday cake and lanterns too. The guests were singing Happy Birthday in Norwegian and enjoying lots of good music. They’re all thinking of coming back next year to celebrate another birthday. We look forward to that.

We’ve also had a great party of South Africans here, all wedding guests and they have been great fun too, especially when enjoying the shots and cocktails. The wedding was on the south of the island last Friday and they said it was just wonderful.

We’ve had Sue, Tom, Liz and Billy here again as well. They always come here around this time of the year and are having a great time. We’ve had a bit of rain the last few evenings, but it has been gloriously sunny during the day, so nobody minds. We're also happy to see Julie and her husband, John, again and they've brought their daughter, Kit, with them this time too.

We look forward to seeing Chris, Debs, Connie and Grace again shortly – Connie will be celebrating her 18th birthday this year. They all went to USA last year and didn’t quite enjoy their holiday as much as usual, so are back here again this year and we very much look forward to seeing them. As do we Paul and Jan who have already been once this year – would it be at all possible for you to bring me an August Country Living, Jan? If so, you must let me pay this time and please don't worry if you're not able to get one.

Our granddaughter, Salina, is starting school tomorrow. She had a little look the other day and was a bit dubious at first, but didn’t want to leave in the end. She’s doing half a day the first day, then we hope she’ll carry on, as normal, the next day. How quickly they grow up!

Wasn’t it wonderful that Andy Murray won Wimbledon? We were in the new Dreamers Beach Club in Banrak again and the owner, Bobby, who happens to be Scottish too and who’d been exclaiming all evening, “never hurrry a Murrray,” broke open a bottle of champagne at the end and had bagpipes playing in the background. It actually felt like New Year and was such a happy experience that I’m sure I shall never forget it. Laura Robson did well too, don’t you think?

Robin was really excited about the Ashes until 19-year old Ashton Agar scored 96 for Australia when he went in as number eleven. Okay, it was a world record, but why did it have to happen then? Anyway, I’m really into it too and we’ve found three places with it on, the Islander in Chaweng, the Premier Bar in Banrak and, now thankfully, the Billabong, just along in the village. Last night, having watched Australia batting relatively well and feeling a bit down, we suddenly got two wickets in two balls and another not long afterwards. So, we’re back again for the final day today with Australia 174 for 6, chasing 311, and we need those wickets!

Robin’s also getting revved up for the football in August. He’s already hoping that Norwich will have done really well by the end of the season as their last four games are Liverpool home, Manchester United away, Chelsea away and Arsenal home. I totally agree with him.

Sitting here sipping a beautifully cold Heineken in our little paradise makes me feel very lucky indeed. Why don’t you come over and enjoy it too? Just send Robin an e-mail and he’ll write straight back with our availability.

Shall I open you a bottle now?

Take care of yourselves.

Best wishes



Sawadee Kah! Here you see we have won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2013 which we're very pleased about. I have tried to put it on the website with our other awards, but to no avail. Perhaps one of you will be able to advise me when you visit. I did try last year when we won for 2012. If someone could point me in the right direction? We did have a website adviser, but he is with us no more and my website expertise only runs to updating the rates and information and, of course, my fortnightly notes. At least you've seen it though!

So, I’m back in the Samui fold and very nice it is too. So lovely to see Robin and our staff. Lamai looks very happy and her little tummy is not so little anymore with her due date being 2 September. That’s something nice to look forward to, especially for her and Chris. Leo, who hadn’t been very well, is on the mend, but he doesn’t look his old self yet even though Khun Pa has been giving him her expert attention. Lots of cuddles will help, I’m sure.

I’ve been back three days and each day we have been to Dreamers, a new little beach club in Banrak. There is a restaurant on the ground floor with a very good menu, although we haven’t eaten there yet, a swimming pool downstairs with comfortable loungers and a small beachfront that has a bar and some tables. Upstairs is also very attractive with a bar and a large sitting area that has lots of sofas and a large screen on which we have been watching Laura Robson do so well at Wimbledon. The walls are open all around the building and the views are tremendous. The music is good too. It has been a very relaxing and enjoyable venue to visit and I suggest you try it when you come out. We were all geared up to returning this evening to watch Laura again until we realised that she didn’t play until tomorrow. So okay, we thought, we’ll watch Hamilton at the British Grand Prix – another foxed arrangement when poor old Louis got a puncture on the sixth or eighth lap, but now I see he’s up to fourth, so we may mosey along yet again.

Met Rosie and Steve in Norwich for a couple of drinks to catch up on all of our news. It was great seeing them and super to hear that they’re enjoying their new home. We hope to hear soon that you’re coming out to stay next February, R & S, as we still only have one bungalow, one upstair room, (although that does have a king-size bed), and a family suite available for your dates. No doubt you’ll be having a chat with Peter & Dot about it when you visit them this month. Send them our love. I still can’t get over their impromptu visit to me in Norwich a few weeks ago – marvellous!

Robin is worried that guests from the UK have a problem sometimes with being checked all the way through to Samui. His advice is “stick to your guns” and ask to speak to a more senior member of staff if there is a problem. The code for Samui is USM, by the way.

Michael bought a new X-Box whilst in the UK and a Kinect which brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Well, it certainly brought something to life in an extraordinary new way when Michael decided to use a giant lollipop as a bat. The lollipop came apart from the stick, or handle in this case, went careering into the television and smashed the screen into a thousand pieces. End of television. A new one has been installed. Let us hope that life in Michael’s household may be slightly less extraordinary in the future.

Receiving lots of enquiries for the coming months, so do write soon with your potential dates if you’re thinking of coming to see us. Robin will write straight back, as you know, and you can have it all booked in no time.

We don’t need anything new or extraordinary here, by the way . . . it’s pretty extraordinary already, as you will know if you have visited us before.

If you haven’t, do come and see for yourself.

Best wishes and take care.



Hello everybody for the second time today. I had nearly finished my missive to you when the librarian told me that there was only one minute left. Needless to say, I lost everything and left the library in dismay. How stupid of me! It's because I keep thinking it's Saturday when there's no closing for lunch. Oh, well, I have the wonderful experience of thinking of you longer than usual. Lucky me!

My next report will be from Samui and I look forward to returning and seeing Robin, the staff, the guests, of course, Leo and our lovely little hotel. It's nearly ten years since we started our new life and it's been a real adventure. Lots of guests have returned time and time again - many have become good friends - and we always look forward to meeting new guests too. Such an array of nationalities, age and experience! It really is such a delight.

Stig and Torill are coming soon with lots of family and friends to celebrate a special Stig birthday. We really look forward to seeing them again. Wayne and Glenda have just been there from Australia and enjoyed their stay as did Neil and Tracey from the UK who, as well as having a good time, received the great news that a baby is on the way. Congratulations to you both. I look forward to meeting your little one in the future. Don't forget we do babysitting!

I was chatting to my mother, son, Michael, and granddaughter, Salina, the other day when, for no apparent reason, I decided to leave my chair and look out of the window. I stared in amazement. Was this an apparition before me? I watched a tall, slim, distinguished gentleman accompanied by a beautiful damsel open our garden gate and walk up to the front door. I dashed to open it in disbelief. There, before me, were Peter and Dot, two lovely guests who have stayed with us many times. I invited them in, of course, and we chatted non-stop for the next thirty minutes, hardly stopping to catch our breath. I was so pleased and happy with this lovely surprise. They used to live in Norwich - they now live in Derbyshire - and were back to deal with a house problem before going on to dine with Peter's daughter in Bungay. I missed them the moment they left and really look forward to seeing them at the hotel next year.

I have been so busy here, as you know, and have had Rosie's name at the top of my list.

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