1 May 2016

Hi Everyone! *****STOP PRESS***** WE SHOULD LIKE TO OFFER A 15% REDUCTION FOR ANY DIRECT BOOKINGS TO STAY DURING THE MONTHS OF MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER 2016. Some pretty cold weather around the globe, I hear. The weather has been terrific here, if a little bit too hot at times, so book yourself […]

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1 April 2016

  Hi Everybody! I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves! As I said before, I had a great welcome when I returned from the UK to our little hotel, here on Samui.  Having been away for some time, I really appreciate how beautiful it is and can understand how much our guests love […]

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4 March 2016

  Hi There! I am writing this from my desk looking out on a beautiful, sunny Samui. I arrived back yesterday to a warm welcome, not only from the weather, but from our fantastic guests and staff. Big hugs from Sharon and Mark who are here again and will undoubtedly be back next year; more […]

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1 February 2016

Hello Everybody How’s life treating you? Or, more to the point, how are you treating it? The old adage of ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ is certainly true in every aspect of life. We tend to forget it though, don’t you find? We think why isn’t that going the way […]

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13 January 2016

Hi Everyone! I apologise profusely for the lateness of my notes. As some of you will know, we have been having many problems with our website administrators and have now had to change to new ones. Consequently, there have been teething problems but, hopefully, these have been ironed out. You must have thought that I’d […]

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