1 October 2016

Hi Everyone! Gorgeous day here in Samui. It’s sooo relaxing. September is always such a beautiful month. We still have great weather, but without the busyness of the high season. Rosie & Steve are here yet again and, even though they have been here many times before and loved it, (they usually come over in […]

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1 September 2016

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well. Every time I type a new month, I am shocked at just how tempus fugit. Why does it go so quickly? We really, really must make the most of it all, don’t you think? I feel as though I’m spending most of my time trying to tick […]

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2 August 2016

Hello! And a very happy August to you! How’s it all going? Enjoying the sunshine? Perhaps you’re not enjoying any sunshine or perhaps you’re not bothered about it, but are in dire need of some relaxation or at least a change of scene. Well, whatever your circumstances, we have just the place for you. A […]

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2 July 2016

Hi Everybody! How are you? Getting a little bit worn out on the treadmill or longing for a break from routine? Perhaps you’d love to spend more time with your extended family, especially if they live in another country, but don’t really want to stay with them or have them to come and stay with […]

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3 June 2016

Hello Everyone! How are you all? Hard at work, either at home or in the office? Or have you found some free time to relax and enjoy the moment? Perhaps you’re looking forward to a holiday with us or perhaps you’re perusing this website because you’d like to have a holiday and have heard about […]

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