14 December 2013

Hello everyone! Gearing up for the big day? Or are you not a Christmas person? I’ve sent out my e-mails today re our Christmas Luncheon which will be at Classico restaurant again this year and they promise an excellent meal of turkey and all the trimmings. Robin and I couldn’t agree on whether we should […]

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1 December 2013

A very good day to you all. I hope you are looking forward to the festive season which will be upon us in no time. If you are coming to stay with us, we very much look forward to seeing you. If you are not, may I suggest that you start planning your next holiday […]

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14 November 2013

Hello again! Gosh, these weeks fly by! We’re experiencing marvellous weather for this time of the year. If you’re not here, you really are missing out. We’re taking advantage of it by painting and varnishing as much as we can so that all the main work is done if and when the monsoon starts. Maybe […]

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31 October 2013

Hi there! Well, the pool is finished! Can you believe it? It looks great. Just wondering whether to expand the sunbathing area even more at the sides just now. I think we should, Robin thinks it’s fine as it is. We’ll give it a few more days before we definitely decide. But we are so […]

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15 October 2013

Hi everyone! Hope I find you in fine fettle! We have been closed for a couple of weeks as the old pool is no more and the new pool is taking shape. Our builders are doing a fantastic job and we think that the work will probably be finished before the expected date, although we […]

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