30 August 2014

Hi everyone! Glad to say hello again from this little paradise. The weather has been wonderful and everyone has been enjoying their stay with us. Lots of them have either been booking for their next visit or say that, once they have finalised their plans, they are definitely coming back. All fantastic news. We’ve had […]

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15 August 2014

Hi everyone! Here we are again, still enjoying our wonderful life in Bophut, Koh Samui. The guests have been marvellous, the staff have been marvellous and the weather has been marvellous too. If you are thinking of taking a super holiday, look no further – come to stay at The Waterfront. As usual, our guests […]

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1 August 2014

Hello there! These weeks just fly by, don’t they? It’s been just super at our little hotel. Although we had one or two showers last week which actually were very welcome most of the time, it’s mainly been very hot and very sunny. There are lots of brown bodies swanning around the place displaying huge […]

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15 July 2014

Hello! How are you? Welcome to our site. It’s always great to have a few words with you and I know many of you like to know what’s going on at our little hotel. Paul & Elaine have been here again, loved it again and are definitely coming back. Jacqui & Joe are still here, […]

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30 June 2014

Hello from sunny Thailand! Yes, I’m back again and, as usual, the hotel seems even more beautiful than the last time. All is clean and sparkling too. The gardens are mature and well manicured, the buildings are bright and freshly painted, the pool is well maintained and inviting, the beach is swept and waiting for […]

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